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Members and volunteers from York Regional Police (YRP) in Canada, led by Station Sergeant Tony Browne will embark on a joint project with the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF) to set up the Sexual Assault Offences Unit.

The contingent consists of Jack Morgan, Casroy Cain, Florette Israel and Vondell Burke. These members at their own expense use their vacation time to travel to St. Vincent to give back to the community.

York Regional Police responded to a formal request from the RSVGPF for used computers and investigative aids including training and training materials to assist in setting up a Sexual Offences Unit. The computers would provide efficiency in the operation of the unit as well as fulfill other obligations.

Supported by York Regional Police Chief Eric Joliffe, the Police Services Board approved the donation of 15 desktop and laptop decommissioned computers to the RSVGPF.

These computers are reconditioned, reloaded and ready for use.

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In consultation with the Ontario Police College and the York Regional Police Sexual Assault Bureau, training aids, books, sexual assault evidence kit, blood and buccal collection samples, two audio recorders and an additional laptop computer were acquired.

Further assessment resulted in the identification of items necessary to build or enhance the existing networks. As a result, on Aug. 15, routers, switches and tools, along with 20 computers with an approximate value of CAN$15,000 were packed in three crates. The crates were shipped to St. Vincent with the assistance of the St. Vincent Consular General’s office in Toronto.

This project will provide information exchange on investigation, awareness, education and prevention of sex-related incidents; as well as identifying a wide range of support to assist victims with rebuilding and enhancing their lives.

The Canadian contingent will also work with the RSVGPF’s personnel to provide a process for continued support and maintenance for the systems and operations.

York Regional Police says it is proud of its commitment to “Making a difference in the community”.

This joint venture with the RSVGPF is in line with YRP’s vision and will help serve to enhance the quality of life for all people in St. Vincent, YRP said in a statement.

5 replies on “Canadians to helps SVG Police Force set up Sexual Assault Offences Unit”

  1. WTF!!….really. Excuse me, Mr policeman, what we need is a total overhaul of how we handle sex crimes in vincyland. We need properly trained officers, especially FEMALE officers to conduct these investigations. We need new laws or revisions to start locking up these wutless men who breeding the 12 year olds in vincyland.

    All this hardware is nice but we really need more vigilant officers to investigate and prosecute these predators in vincyland. And of course the cooperation of the parents. Too many mothers are not protecting their kids for the sake of some misguided loyalty to their man…we can do and must do better as a people.

  2. Fang, I agree with your statements, but they also need the computers to keep records of criminal incidents. The data collected can help to link criminal incidents because a computer doesn’t forget while human do. It may also help to get the SVG police to start collecting data, which is critical in many criminal cases. Mothers seem to be the biggest problem bringing these people to justice. Hence the laws should address this section to make the parents responsible and liable to prosecution.

  3. Now just think what these few Canadian are doing for us out of the kindness their heart. Now just think if our government had the insight instead of linking with a bunch of broke rogue nations like Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Libya Korea North had instead form relationships with the like of US, CA, England Australia and western Europe SVG would have been looking much better than it is now.They partnered with the bad boys and the biggest bad boy the on the block China one who could really help with all the money, you have no relationship with them. Had you gone to China that airport would have being done long time and you would have been smelling like roses right now instead of dodo.

  4. The Canadian police are the worst force for this. Search the Internet for “missing and murdered aboriginal women and Canada” to find out why. Search for Paul Bernardo and other sexual predators the Canadian police couldn’t catch for years.

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