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Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves addressing the ULP rally at Argyle Saturday night. (Photo: Lance Neverson/FacebooK)
Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves addressing the ULP rally at Argyle Saturday night. (Photo: Lance Neverson/FacebooK)
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves says that the claims by New Democratic Party (NDP) president Arnhim Eustace that Wednesday’s elections were “stolen” are intended to stave off a leadership challenge.

The NDP has rejected the results of the elections, which officials say Gonsalves’ Unity Labour Party (ULP) won by a single seat, a repeat of the 2010 results.

But Eustace, citing irregularities, said that his party will challenge the results in court, starting Monday.

Based on Wednesday’s results, the 70-year-old politician has now led the party to its fourth consecutive defeat, the first of which came in March 2011, six months after he took over from James Mitchell as party leader and Prime Minister.

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Sir James was in office for about 17 years.

But Gonsalves told ULP supporters Saturday night that Eustace’s post-election statements are meant to protect his job as Leader of the Opposition.

“You want to tell me a man lose one, two elections, he lose a third and didn’t offer his resignation? He lose a fourth and the night, he deluded himself, fooling himself, fooling other people that he win, that the win election” Gonsalves said.

“All that Eustace is going on, Eustace is trying to keep anybody from challenging him. He did the same thing in 2010 inside of the party. That is his tactic. All of this is to keep his job and to get the salary as Leader of the Opposition. That is all, because he got the salary of a senior minister and we give him about 180,000 a year to run his office.

“So, is a cosy job; is the easiest job in the country. Yo’ make of it what yo’ make of it. Yo’ go on radio Monday morning and yo’ talk a lot of foolishness. And yo go home and doh-do (sleep) and you wait ‘til next week Monday morning again,” Gonsalves said.

17 replies on “Eustace trying to fend off a leadership challenge — Gonsalves”

  1. Jeannine James says:

    Another piece of low crap from Gonsalves about staving off a leadership challenge. This is entirely irrelevant to the matter at hand and another plank in the embedding foolishness into the minds of people whose state and condition is already questionable.

    The local press corps is largely unhealthy, enfeebled and presents with symptoms of comprise.

    Even as I applaud IWN for this timely and objective piece, I consider it superfluous to read past the first sentence. There is a whole thesis hanging on that sentence alone.

    Notwithstanding the importance of upholding a basic human right and freedom i.e. to vote in fair elections, perhaps Saint Vincent and the Grenadines ought to be left alone to enjoy its just desserts on its very fine palate that has been cultivated by Gonsalves.

      1. Jeannine James says:

        The small screen caused me to drop the endearment I offered you in the wrong spot so just in case you didn’t hear me the first time, you ben david piece of shit, shut the eff up. What else you’ve got? Anything useful? Shithound.

    1. In a democracy, the people always get the government they deserve.

      In SVG, the antics of the PM — good, bad, and ugly — are simply the antics of the populace writ large.

      We are Ralph; Ralph is us.

      If you don’t believe me, ask Ralph.

      By the way Jeannie James, are you still pissed off with me? I was just pulling one of your beautiful legs. Can’t you take a joke? (Thin-skinned people are prone to lead unhappy lives.).

      We have to be prepared to laugh and cry about out little country’s woes at the same time — and understand as bad as things are here and as much as we like to insult each other (as in my previous unfounded post aimed at you), they are far worse among our close friends in Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Lybia, Morocco, etc. — or else we will go C-R-A-Z-Y.

      1. Jeannine James says:

        No fret about my deliberate life, unhappy or otherwise. I am in charge and take full responsibility. As we were.

    2. Cultivated you say by Gonsalves? Where were the other top members of the Party in all this? I don’t see Leacock, front and center in all this, do you? Furthermore, do you realize that the 3 things the NDP and Eustace used to call out supporters on the Day after elections are all lies?

      We now know that the (1) win by 6 and the (2) missing ballot box (started by Mr Dougie Defreitas) were lies and the perpetrator is now GONE. The (3) ballot box tampering, another lie by the Queen liar (Vynette Frederick), the photo which was taken in North Leeward, uploaded to Fb as if taken in Central Leeward. By the way, on another note, that also spells the end of your pathetic little petition since it has that very pic on the front. Falsified! Now, the last thing that is left, the 320 illegal ballots cast, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Truly pathetic. Why don’t Mr Eustace give up and stop stringing along these poor people who cannot think for themselves. But maybe it’s happening for a reason. When you have used all your strength in these protest, your minds would be preoccupied with violence or other evil things.

      I see a lot of NDP supporters saying that ULP supporters can’t think for themselves. I end with this. All the things you were protesting against on the days following elections are now proven to be lies. Answer this truthfully, What are you protesting for now?

    3. Just a very important point I think we are missing. In elections, the majority represents the will of the people. I thought we all understood this by now; and the last time I checked, the ULP has the majority. If anybody should be talking about the freedom and rights of the people, it should really be the ULP and it’s supporters because it looks like the NDP wants to undermine the “will of the people”

  2. Gonsalves is a trouble making scamp and the evidence is there to show that the election was stolen.

    Just watch how he will try and stop any court proceedings regarding election fraud before they begin. If nothing was done wrong he would welcome a court challenge.

    Whatever has happened will be backed by irrefutable evidence.

    1. Jeannine James says:

      Yep. He has experience and street cred when it comes to fending off court challenges. Probably is crafting a custom-made nulle prosequi response to push in the back pocket of his trusty DPP, his straight man.

    1. Oh boy; sore losers. In my 5 elections I have voted in, I have seen NDP’s hench men as brave as knight come in the queues at Polling stations, pushing monies into peoples’ hands in an effort to bribe. Seems like people are saying that the ULP is the only party bribing and stealing votes which of course is far from the truth. The NDP started long long time before. This election they started in Langley Park, Giving Turkeys and Monies. Well don’t talk about the containers of Chicken Backs.

      Here’s the major difference between these 2 leaderships. In ’98 the same cry was made; You ddin’t see all this foolishness. The ULP’s lawyers went to court with their evidence, of course nothing came of it and the ULP and supporters didn’t carry on like fools but they accepted the results and moved on. Is the NDP so taken up with personal gain that they can’t see? I could understand to because if our GREAT Comrade leader gets the projects on the way in Mt Wynne and in Arnos Vale the NDP would have to sing the good bye song.

  3. The problem is the same one the NDP had in 2001, 2005 and 2010: there is no one in the NDP that the majority of members would favour as a replacement. Hence they are stuck with this chronic loser until his death.

    The only difference between Mugabe in Zimbabwe and Eustace in SVG is that Mugabe is destined to be leader-for-life while Eustace is destined to serve as opposition-leader-for-life.

    As for the Comrade, like it or lump it, he is destined to serve until he chooses to replace himself with his prodigal older son, Camillo, the American-born son of his first Jamaican wife.

    Welcome to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Third World’s Third World.

  4. Jeannine James says:

    You pack up your fishing expedition, you arsehole, who ever you are. You know nothing about me. I make my own way in the world. I don’t need patronage. Didn’t need patronage or never sought patronage at any point in my life; certainly don’t need it now. I don’t need a massa, you fool. Jackass. Find something useful to say or shut the eff up. Know your goddarm place and stay on your lane.

    1. You don’t have to cuss; you don’t have to shout; you don’t have brag; you don’t have to play the slavery card; and you don’t have to threaten me; and you don’t have to try to shut me up.

      Boy, I really touched a raw nerve.

      By the way, two days ago, a man in his 40s who I’ve known for years passed my gate half-drunk shooting, “LABOUR! LABOUR! LABOUR!”

      I interrupted his nice time by asking him why he was supporting Labour when he didn’t even have a house or a job.

      Did he ever give it to me! Far worse than you! You mother-#$$%^ this and you mother &^$%^ that for about five minutes. He repeated this when I passed him on the street last night.

      I guess I just know how to piss people off. It’s a gift from God.

      1. Jeannine James says:

        You don’t have the right nor the heft to tell me what I have to do or don’t have to do, especially when you approach parade as someone with sense and then approach like a jackass. At any rate, I tend to be choosy about whose counsel I consider. You merit very little actually. You should feel privileged that I paused long enough to cuss you. Your time is up. I have no more to squander on you. What the hell gives you the right to think you should be able to insult me with impunity without cause? Man, look…. dip

    2. Jeannine James says:

      This is yours, ben david. Stay the shit out of my way. I know the game of shits like you. You know nothing about me. I certainly need to know nothing about you. Just as an extra special bonus, shit the F up until you know something. You neither impress me nor interest me as a writer and I am not the only one. Okay. Good!

  5. I noticed my comments are still awaiting moderation. Not surprised there. I guess you are thinking before you say or do. Glad I can be of assistance

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