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Ralph Gonsalves

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves (File photo: Kingsley Roberts/Facebook)

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As the main opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) continued last week to protest the results of the Dec. 9, general elections, which it says it rejects as fraudulent, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves has noted one major trump card.

“Mr. Speaker, I want to make one point, additionally, which a number of persons seem to have lost sight of. As Prime Minister, at any time, after prayerful consideration, that the Lord directs me to advise the governor general to dissolve Parliament, I can have the dissolution of Parliament effected and have fresh elections,” Gonsalves said at the opening of the 10th Parliament.

“So those who clamour for elections, I advise them, be careful, you may actually get what you want. Of course, I take my prayerful consideration very seriously and do not address that flippantly or any way negligently,” Gonsalves said.

Electoral officials say Gonsalves’ Unity Labour Party won the elections by taking eight of the 15 Parliamentary seats, while the remaining seven went to the NDP.

The NDP is claiming victory in Central Leeward and that it is the legitimate government.

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Local, regional and international observers have declared the vote free and fair.

The NDP has lost one court case relating to the election results.

2 replies on “PM notes fresh elections remains an option ”

  1. All that does not explain the fraud of the given away government building materials to bribe the electorate.

  2. He will not be able to call a fresh election until a new shipment of building materials can get here from Jamaica. But this time it will have to include cars and pickup trucks, refrigerators gas stoves and television sets.

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