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From left: Osborne Jack, left, Violet Joslyn-Hannibal and Susan Duncan. (iWN file photo)
From left: Osborne Jack, left, Violet Joslyn-Hannibal and Susan Duncan. (iWN file photo)
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Four persons appeared in court on Thursday accused of intending to disrupt the operations of the Electoral Office.

They are:

  1. Violet Joslyn-Hannibal, 52, vendor of Redemption Sharpes
  2. Sheridon Davis, 42, unemployed of Arnos Vale
  3. Susan Duncan, 49, unemployed of Georgetown,
  4. Osborne Jack, 30, security guard of Level Gardens

The four are said to have been protesting outside the Electoral Office.

They were arrested around 12:20 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 20, and charged for assembling together outside the precincts of the Electoral Office with intent to carry out a common purpose, to wit, “disruption of the operation of the Electoral Office”.

The Crown is also alleging that the accused did conduct themselves in a manner as to cause persons in the neighborhood reasonably to fear that they will commit a breach of the peace of Kingstown.

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The four will return to court on Feb. 22.

6 replies on “Four on disruption of Electoral Office charge”

  1. So they are accused of the terrible crime of causing a few people to fear they may hypothetically at some hypothetical time have intent to create a violent crime?
    Gee…don’t look at any good-looking women or you may get arrested for someone thinking that you may hypothetically at some hypothetical time RAPE that woman.

  2. The Crown would never present such embroidered charges, these charges emanate from the direct instructions of the Tsar to be put forward by the representative of the Crown the DPP.

  3. If found guilty, let them pay a $1 each to the state with a stern warning about the law.

    I blame Mr Eustace for all this nonsense. I see no genuine reasons for this protesting. All the grievances that the NDP have are being addressed through the courts; this protesting is akin to the tantrums of a petulant five year old.

    Let’s say for argument sake, the NDP win their case; win central.. Ok…so they win the election. What happens next? Well its another cycle of protesting; because the ulp will rightly say they won the popular vote and the NDP is a minority government. One then has to ask, when will we have political stability in vincyland?

    I can’t wait to see the backs of Eustace and Ralph from the political stage, two jokers in their own right. Smh.

  4. A nonsense charge they cannot disrupt the office unless they are in the office, sitting outside waving flags and cooking a pot of food cannot possibly disrupt what is going on inside an office.

    In fact they cannot be seen from the office unless the occupants come from behind a counter and walk to the door and peer through the door glass, that is the only point they can observe the street from. Inside the office the occupants are behind a security counter with security glass from counter to ceiling. The occupants of the office cannot even hear what is going on in the street, the most the can hear is the blower from the air-conditioning unit.

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