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The scene of the accident in Argyle. (Photo: Facebook)
The scene of the accident in Argyle. (Photo: Facebook)
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The deceased, Marilyn Henry.
The deceased, Marilyn Henry.

A woman died Saturday when a vehicle in which she travelling to church in Arnos Vale crashed in Argyle around 8:30 a.m.

Georgetown resident Marilyn Henry, 62, became the first road fatality for 2016.

Police say she was a passenger in motor vehicle, PV193, a Daihatsu minivan.

The vehicle is owned by Anthony Walker of Georgetown and was driven by his mother, Lavern Walker, 55, also of Georgetown.

Police say that preliminary reports are that they were travelling from Georgetown to a church service at Arnos Vale when the vehicle went out of control and ran off the road at Argyle.

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Henry reportedly fell out of the vehicle and died on the spot, police say.

Seven persons were travelling in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Oscar Browne, 7, of Georgetown and Dennis John, 58, were up to Saturday evening hospitalized with head injuries.

Paulette Baptiste, 49, of Orange Hill, Odette Letteen, 60 of Langley Park, and Denisa Letteen, 14, also of Langley Park were treated and discharged.

The driver escaped without injuries.

A post-mortem examination will be carried out on Henry’s body.

Twenty-five persons dies in road incidents in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 2015.

3 replies on “Georgetown woman dies in car crash on the way to church”

  1. Was Tante doing a 70 in a 40? Did some careless driver force Tante off the road? Was Tante taking evasive measure to save a pedestrian? Was Tante distracted while driving? Was this accident a result of mechanical failure? Was this a result of inadequate road safety measures? Is there a need to have a nation wide safe driving initiative? Are the tutors in vincyland doing a sufficient job in teaching new drivers defensive technique driving? Are the driving tests rigorous enough? Anyway just thinking aloud.

    A side note…the best driver(ok at that time of my life) I ever rode with was a female…coming from a goat cook in Richmond and in the NIGHT…grown arse men were bawling bloody murdah (not me of course.. LOL)..she was changing gears like Danica Patrick… When she hit Pembroke, ah swear the vehicle was flying…I guess it was reckless driving but when you young and stupid, these things are deemed the “the best ever”…I met this lady in NY years later and we went out a couple of times and nothing has changed with her driving…as a matter of fact, I think the NY state of mind, just reinforced her driving mentality.

    RIP Tante. You are on the highway to heaven now.

    1. Ok, apologies to all.The Tante who died wasn’t the driver…my initial post is clearly giving that impression. Was in a heavy puff-puff-pass rotation with Peter Binose and so was slightly distracted while writing.

  2. Watching Hard says:

    The details of this incident begs the question of whether the deceased was wearing a seat belt.

    Buckle up people. It saves lives.

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