Canouan residents demand access to beaches

It’s a long-running battle in some Caribbean islands, where foreign investors try to offer high-paying guests exclusivity, including access to beaches.And on island of #Canouan in #StVincent and the #Grenadines, there is another battle in the decades-old conflict for the islands’ beaches, after a resort put buoys across the sea.The government ordered that the buoys be removed, but later declared a no-anchoring zone in the area.But residents of Canouan are not happy about the developments, saying they stand to lose one of their last remaining beaches, and an important venue stream.IWN’s Kenton X. Chance flew to Canouan on Sunday, where residents held a picnic as they stake their right to access L’anse Guyac beach.

Posted by iWitness News on Monday, February 8, 2016

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  1. If foreign whites feel that they are too good to share our beaches with the locals then they can take their georgie bundle and go somewhere else. We don’t need that backward apartheid attitude in our country. This isn’t 1940. Its 2016. There are more enlightened tourists and investors out there.

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