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4 replies on “VIDEO: Don’t sell me to the Italians, PM”

  1. Politicians don’t care about the ordinary class money talks I wish the people of SVG well with this battle

  2. No, no, Mr Robin. It does not require “trust”. It requires Cap. 250 of the Laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, The Three Chains Act. That Act reserves an area of 3 chains in breadth FROM THE HIGH WATER MARK, all around these islands, (that’s 66 yards – one chain is 66 feet). The purpose as stated in the Act is for the erection of “forts or batteries and also buildings of a public nature”. Section 4 of that Act states “The public shall continue to have and enjoy all rights of way through the said Three Chains as now and heretofore used and enjoyed.” I have not heard any news that that Act has been repealed. So if there was a road or track that people were accustomed to use, then there is a right of way that does NOT depend on “trust”. (Incidentally, just who are residents of Canouan supposed to trust in this matter?)

  3. One of the problems we must always keep in mind is that whatever Ralph Gonsalves says must be checked elsewhere because he told us he sometimes tells lies and we have no way of telling when he is telling lies, so until proven keep in mind you are dealing with a liar.

    My actual thoughts are that Gonsalves has expanded this controversy to take peoples minds off the alleged election fraud.

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