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The exchange between Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and journalist Sheron Garraway on Monday gives some insight into the circumstances in which media in SVG operate, notwithstanding the nation’s “favourable” press freedom ranking.

We had a Prime Minister admitting on radio that he has refused to talk to a television station, which, from the exchange, has reached out to him after he accused them of being biased against his government.

Having refused to talk to them, he perpetuates his accusation of bias against the station because they are yet to broadcast an interview they did with him.

Yes, if the station changed its mind about how it would use the content, it would have been polite to inform the interviewee. But also, there are interviews and press briefing (as opposed to news briefings) in which nothing newsworthy (nothing new) is said.

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It is always interesting that the ULP administration, its leader, and spokespersons — many of whom collect taxpayers’ money under the guise of actually doing work for the government — always seem to know how media should operate.

If they are so knowledgeable about media management, how do they explain the continued dismal performance of their radio station in the annual media surveys? Everybody except them knows that they are preaching to the converted in an amplified echo chamber.

I wonder if the ULP would be inclined to tell how the geometry of the API has changed since the new leadership was installed. How many of the long-standing staff members with degrees still remain? What about the academic qualifications of the new person(s) in charge and their experience in television, and print journalism — which are, essentially, the main products of the API? This is the government of the “Education Revolution”, right?

And what about NBC Radio? Word is that “someone who is hardly a reporter” has been appointed a news editor there. Is that true?

Most Vincentians who can still endure the torture of SVGTV News knows that the station leaves a lot to be desired as far as the quality and content of its newscasts are concerned. But maybe, it is not that SVGTV has suddenly become biased against the ULP, but that someone with a deep-rooted pro-ULP bias who masqueraded as a journalist at SVGTV is no longer there.

Inquiring to know

PS: Has anyone noticed which news media outlet in SVG has never been accused of an anti-ULP bias? Let’s guess where that media house’s bias lies.

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

15 replies on “SVGTV, state media, and ‘bias’”

  1. Listening to the exchange between PM Gonsalves and Sheron Garraway, I didn’t get the impression that the PM was referencing any other media outlet, (he could have mentioned The News Newspaper, The Vincentian, or IWNSVG as other examples) but only SVGTV, which he outlined as being bias towards the government in its overall coverage of certain events; the protest action in particular. His words were…”SVGTV threats me in ah, they have an anti-Ralph, a pro NDP bias, and I mean there is no question in my mind about it. They are free to do it, but I am free to talk about it, alright! I’ve complained about it, but there is no improvement, so I will continue to talk about it. So they could continue to bash me, they could do whatever they want to do. They could give the leader of the opposition excessive coverage on nights when he’s talking all kinds of foolishness, and downplay what I say, that’s their business, but it is also my business for me to talk freely. By the way, SVG… did a special interview with me for about ten to fifteen minutes, about a month or so ago, it hasn’t seen the light of day…and they were so anxious. They pull me out from my office where I was doing things, say they want it…I just want the public to know all of these things”. These were the words of PM Gonsalves.
    On the other hand judging from the writers’ stance, his point of departure, there seems to be an equal amount of bias in his presentation, and one can only surmise that he has an “axe to grind”.

    1. So what if they have not shown the interview yet, the BBC has not shown any of their interviews with him yet either, we are still waiting for that.

      Vinciman you may remember how they were doing an exposé program called Panorama.

      By the way Horace Homeland Security may be coming again soon.

      1. Jeannine James says:

        lol! It is the prerogative of the media house to broadcast the interview if ever they want or whenever they want to. If he wanted something broadcast with certainty, why did he not get Star FM to do it?

      2. But that is not the point, is it? Nobody here, listened to the press conference or gives a darn. You are all reacting to the article that is itself bias, does not represent the truth. We are glad when it spells “anti-Ralph” and can’t wait to jump in. Well have fun then! Certainly not “balanced” and “reasoned”.

    2. Jeannine James says:

      Vinciman, what became the point is that he wilfully and unnecessarily railroaded the press conference. What was your takeaway from the press conference? I bet you would have to go back and dig for the important high point because there was precious little that was useful. He never even properly answered the question he was asked. It is not about people bashing Ralph; it is more about Ralph constantly bashing the people and demonstrating recklessness as it suits him. You are welcome to him; he is all yours.

      1. Jeannine, again like always, you’re “clue-less”! You have no knowledge of what you’re speaking about (you never listened to the press conference) and I’ll dismiss most of what was said because of your ignorance; except the last phrase… “You are welcome to him; he’s all yours”. You almost got that right, except the “yours” should have been “ours”; and nobody cared to “clue” you in? Please, get over “it”…whatever “it” is.

    1. Pat, I’m hoping Kenton would reply to your question in order to clarify what you asked; probably wouldn’t. However the PM’s position was very clear on the whole matter, VERY CLEAR!

  2. Thank you Vinciman for confirming what an A hole you are as you now write as the comrade and what you say he said is great ammunition against a certifiable pratt and bully of the press.

    There are only one or two who would dare confront him and Kenton is one of those now this young lady is another.

    It’s no wonder the press is generally cowed by him he just does not know his place.

    1. Binose-King, once a punk always a punk. Stop exposing your punking stupidity, you just smelling up the darn site, and I will definitely put on my exterminators outfit and fumigate your punking odor. Don’t play with me!
      Now what is your problem punk? I listened to the Press Conference, did you? Let me answer for you, no you didn’t! Now you say I wrote as the comrade. How, where punk, WHERE! You mean by quoting what the PM said? Oh I forgot its Peter Binose the plagiarizer I’m dealing with, the thief who don’t like to quote, don’t understand how to quote, steals everybody’s writings then calls it his own. However, would you like to try and disprove anything that was said, go ahead let’s see how far you’d get?
      On the other hand don’t waste my time, with foolishness about somebody confronting “him”, and “Kenton is one of those”… utter garbage. Again you didn’t listen to the “conference” so you can’t speak of the exchanges between the parties involved. Come again punk, you anti-Ralph freak!

      1. Problem is Vinciman that you are deeply in love with Ralph, and it blinds you to the truth. We all are praying that one day you will wake-up.

    2. Well said Peter and very true. Ralph expects everyone to bow down to him and it is great when we, the very weak and poor do take a stand. He demands that all worship him, especially the press and when they cover events he does not want them to or when they expose opposing views, he calls them biased. Ralph Gonsalves has a very weak and insecure character and his bragging and bullying the very weak only proves the point. For the past year or so he has intensified his attacks on those that oppose his policies.

  3. 1. Every private and independent media house on God’s earth has an editorial policy. Our megalomaniacal PM chooses to call it “bias.”

    2. The job of any media house worth its salt is to hold the feet of the ruling regime to the fire in he interest of public accountability and good governance. Our arrogant PM calls this media bias.

    3. In countries with true press freedom and a public broadcaster like Great Britain and Canada government policies are routinely questioned and challenged because the broadcaster is protected by arm’s length legislation. In little SVG, the public media is completely controlled by the ruling party. Our PM would call this objective journalism if not the will of God.

    1. Right except that the UK, nor Canada have a totally free press. The BBC is heavily biased against anything Palestinian and VERY pro-Israel. In Canada you will hear nothing about the “Comer Lawsuit”. The Comer Lawsuit exposes bad things about the Canadian Government and it is therefore banned in Canada. When it is mentioned anywhere the government attacks it like a cockroach…..Ralph has not yet got that far in SVG.

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