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Kevin Warren Jomo Williams

The deceased, Jomo Williams, left and Kevin Warren.

Police have launched a homicide investigation into the death of two men who were found dead in Woods Mountain in Campden Park Sunday morning.

Relatives and police identified the men as Kevin Damani Warren, 36, and Jomo Robellto Williams, 32, both farmers of Lowmans Hill.

The men were found dead by Warren’s older brother, Haniff Warren sometime before 10 a.m. Sunday.

Police And Funeral Home Workers Return From The Mountains With One Of The Bodies. (Iwn Photo)
Police and funeral home workers return from the mountains with one of the bodies. (iwn photo)

Warren told iWitness News that when he got close to the hut where his brother farms, he called out to him but got no response.

“When me step up a little more, me see mi brother tie up,” he said, adding that he told the other man who was with him that his brother was dead.

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Warren said that he examined his brother’s body when he got closer.

Police An Onlookers, Including Mp For South Leeward, Nigel &Quot;Nature&Quot; Stephenson, (In Sunglasses) Await The Retrieval Of The Second Body. (Iwn Photo)
Police an onlookers, including mp for south leeward, nigel “nature” stephenson, (in sunglasses) await the retrieval of the second body. (iwn photo)

“Me see like he get shoot in he head,” he said, adding that Williams’ body was found under a bag inside the hut.

Warren said that his brother’s hands were tied and it seems that his legs were broken.

Williams’ hands and legs were tied together, he said.

“I feel so sad. I’m so vex that I can’t even cry,” Warren said.

“No water can’t come out my eye; I just can’t believe what happened,” he said.

Police And Funeral Home Workers Return From The Mountains With The Second Of The Two Bodies. (Iwn Photo)
Police and funeral home workers return from the mountains with the second of the two bodies. (iwn photo)

Warren, like his mother, Elma Burgin, described his brother as “a troublesome boy” who would drink rum and “cuss” people when he was drunk.

“Once he nah drink, he was a good person,” he said. “Only when he drink he go get in problem with people.”

But he said Williams, who he referred to by his nickname, “Bowlie”, loved peace and quiet.

“Bowlie don’t want no noise. Bowlie don’t want no argument. Bowlie doh dey in nothing with nobody,” he said.

Williams was father of a 10-year-old daughter, and an 11-year-old adopted son.

Williams' Mother, Arlene Williams, And His Children, Reihanna Nanton, 10, And Nyiha Nanton, 11 In Lowman'S Hill Sunday Evening. (Iwn Photo)
Williams’ mother, arlene williams, and his children, reihanna nanton, 10, and nyiha nanton, 11 in lowman’s hill sunday evening. (iwn photo)

Warren’s mother, Elma Burgin, said she was getting ready to go to church when he got the news of her son’s death.

Burgin said that she has diabetes and hypertension so her son told her that he would look into the news.

“So me say, ‘Ah have to go church. Ah done prepare meself for church and I’m going to church’,” Burgin said.

“David — he was harden … When he drink rum, he cuss, quarrel. When he drink rum, you could hear he mouth all over ye place,” she said of her deceased son.

Warren'S Mother, Elma Burgin, Left, And His Sister,. (Iwn Photo)
Warren’s mother, elma burgin, left, and his sister, antonette warren. (iwn photo)

Head of the Major Crime Unit (MCU), detective Inspector Atland Browne told reporters that relatives of the men told police that the men went into mountains on Saturday.

He said one of the men’s girlfriends tried to contact the farmers Sunday morning but got no response.

The detective said the bodies have signs of trauma, including what appear to be gunshot wounds, chop wounds and signs of beating.

He also confirmed that the men were tied up, adding that it appeared that the contents of their hut were removed.

There were speculations among civilians that the men had been tortured.

Police at the scene included officers from the Drug Squad, MCU, Rapid Response Unit and the Special Services Unit.

It took police and funeral home personnel several hours to bring retrieve the bodies, which were said to have been recovered two hours’ hike away from the nearest motorable road.

PC Andy James is leading the investigation.

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4 replies on “Men found bound, shot dead in Campden Park mountains”

  1. David you said you only say things that you can prove, rumours do not fit your latest ideological statement as a self declared empirically based social scientist.

    1. Avatar Of C. Ben-DavidC. ben-David says:

      Peter, how did I know you were going to say that!

      I plainly said it was a rumour but it is a rumour worth considering because they were tied up and then shot.

      The other logical assumption is that this was a revenge murder for something that these men had done like stealing the other guys weed.

      More important than the reason for the crime is something you would likely agree with namely that our keystone cops will never find the culprits.

      Why not? Let me count the ways.

      1. poor training, skills, forensic equipment.

      2. poor motivation.

      3. low or absent co-operation from those who were not remotely involved but who or strongly suspect know who did it, fearing retaliation by perpetrators or being labelled as stool pigeons.

      4. widespread societal and bureaucratic indifference to the murder of persons of
      low socio-economic status.

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