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From left: Dwight Roberts, John Hinds, Yosiah Dascent, Ottnel Douglas, Wayne Grant
From left: Dwight Roberts, John Hinds, Yosiah Dascent, Ottnel Douglas, Wayne Grant

By E. Glenford Prescott

Affiliates of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) on Tuesday elected the five committee members to complete the organisation’s executive committee.

The five members who were elected at a special general meeting at the Federation’s office are Dwight Roberts, John Hinds, Ottnel Douglas, Wayne Grant and Yosiah Dascent.

Roberts and Douglas were returned from the last executive, while Grant, Hinds and Dascent are the faces making their debut in national football administration.

The five now bring the executive to 11 members as stipulated by the organisation’s constitution.

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A total of nine persons were nominated by affiliates to fill the five spots.

The unsuccessful candidates were Dexter Walker, Earl Bennett, Lorson Lewis and Rosalo McKie.

SVGFF President, Venold Coombs, as well as vice-presidents, Otashie Spring, Marvin Fraser and Wade Jackson were elected at the annual meeting in November.

Committee members, Dominique Stowe and Dwight Baptiste were later named to the executive as the president’s appointees, as per the constitution.

Speaking following the meeting — which was attended by 34 affiliates, Coombs welcomed the new members on board and made special mention of Hinds whom he identified as being the Federation’s point man with refereeing.

Coombs said that with the completion of the executive the SVGFF will now move forward with its plans and programmes.

“We have a lot of work to do to develop football here and with these guys who I know as honest, hardworking and committed to football we can do a lot and their knowledge with our other members will make a good team,” Coombs said.

The president said that this weekend the SVGFF will host yet another grassroots programme as it continues with its plan to move the sport forward.

The course, which will be conducted by FIFA instructor, Lenny Lake will run from Friday to Sunday at the Arnos Vale Playing Field.

He said that his main objective is to develop all aspects off football and once people who have the same interest come to him with ideas he is prepared to sit with them “but only if they are genuine…”

Coombs further said:

“I can and will work with anyone. I have no enemies when we disagree over matters relating to football, but when its comers to dishonesty there is where we part company.”