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Building Collapses In Kingstown2

Miraculously, there were no reports of injuries or damage to other property as a result of the collapse. (IWN photo)

Engineers from the Ministry of Works were mid-morning Thursday awaiting the go ahead to enter and assess a building in Kingstown that partially collapsed sometime before 7 a.m.

There were no reports of injury or damage to other property when the section of the building, which formerly housed “The Horseshoe Restaurant” on Grenville Street gave way.

The two-storey building is built with ballast bricks and has a wooden upper floor and partition.

it is located obliquely opposite The Music Centre.

Heavy equipment had cleared the road and sidewalk of debris by 11 a.m.

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Another View Of The Building. (Iwn Photo) another view of the building. (iwn photo)

An engineer with the Ministry of Works told iWitness News that with the clean up complete, officials were waiting for the electricity to be disconnected.

Structural engineers would then enter the premises to assess the extent to which the building is compromised.

He said engineers would also tear down on Thursday a segment of the building overhanging the sidewalks that remained standing after the other section collapsed.

Minister Of Works, Sen. Julian Francis, Right, And Other Onlookers At The Scene. (Iwn Photo)
Minister of works, sen. Julian francis, right, and other onlookers at the scene. (iwn photo)

The building house a salon, and street vendors also used some parts of its to store their wares.

The vendors were among onlookers on the sidewalk on the other side of the street.

One of them told iWitness News that they had been told that they would be updated after engineered had assessed the building.

The Debris From The Collapse Fell Onto The Street, But There Were No Reports Of Injury. (Iwn Photo)
The debris from the collapse fell onto the street, but there were no reports of injury. (iwn photo)

The engineer, who estimated that the building might have been built in the 1930s, said that the collapse might have been as a result of the age of the structure.

He, however, noted that that final determination would be made after engineers complete their assessment.

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3 replies on “Section of building in Kingstown collapses (+Video)”

  1. Avatar Of C. Ben-DavidC. ben-David says:

    This is what happens to at least one building in Havana every day.

    Expect more of this as Kingstown slowly sinks into the sea, a symptom of the chronic neglect of our capital under regimes going back to E. T. Joshua.

    But don’t worry we will soon have a new city at Arnos Vale!

    If you don’t believe me, ask Ralph.

  2. Avatar Of Watching HardWatching Hard says:

    How symbolic. I guess the one there in the white doctor shirt trying to look like he is making a difference. Good show.

    1. Avatar Of Luther BonadieLuther Bonadie says:

      Ay Watching Hard, You aren’t watching hard enough to see you got nothing on the man in the doctor shirt, other that you are full of SH*******T.

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