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Shanique Alexander

Shanique Nakita Alexander.
Shanique Nakita Alexander.

Born on Nov. 12, 1994 to Monique Alexander, 21-year-old Shanique Nakita Alexander hails from the village of Sans Souci, but currently resides in Fountain.

Shanique spent most of her early years in the countryside with family where farming was an additional source of income. Despite not knowing or living with her father, Shanique was never deprived of love, support and commitment from her mother, who excellently played the role of both parents and encouraged her to be a leader and not a follower; advice which Shanique lives by today.

Shanique’s determination to strive for excellence and to be a well-rounded individual, have led to a number of achievements of which she is proud. These include graduating from the St Vincent Girls’ High School as most outstanding student in Accounting and Integrated Science, and receiving a National award for obtaining 11 CSEC passes. As a Girl Guide, Shanique recalls having fun filled, life changing moments, memories which live deep within her.

In lighter moments, Shanique enjoys dancing with the La Gracia Dance Company, enjoying the waves at the beach, or socializing with friends. She is a lover of adventure and enjoys new and exciting experiences.

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Shanique aspires to become a Certified Chartered Accountant and plans to utilise the scholarship as a stepping-stone towards this.

Anya Frederick

Anya Frederick.
Anya Frederick.

Born on September 16th 1995, she was given the name Anya Frederick. She is sister to four siblings and lives in the community known as Queen’s Drive.

Anya is currently employed as a customer services clerk at the St. Vincent Electricity Services Ltd. (VINLEC).

She is an active Guider whose journey began 15 years ago as a Brownie. During her tenure in this organisation she was entrusted with many responsibilities which include reviving the No. 28 Guide Company and coordinating charitable events for HIV/AIDS awareness. To date, she has completed over 300 hours of community service. Anya aspires to sit on the board of the Western Hemisphere Region and the International Board of Guiding, emulating noble Vincentian Guiders such as Ms Rochelle Forde and Ms Réchanne Browne.

In 2011 she entered and was ultimately crowned in the Scotia Bank National Secondary Schools Miss Heritage Pageant and hopes to hold the coveted Miss SVG title as well.

Her career goal is to be an actuary.

Anya lives her life believing that everything happens for a reason.

Vakeesha John

Vakeesha John.
Vakeesha John.

“One can acquire everything in solitude except character.” This saying resonates well with Miss Vakeesha John, as she attributes her jovial, caring, God-fearing, outspoken yet humble character to the culture and people of her hometown. Born and bred in the beautiful town of Layou, where she experienced many challenges that led to her overall growth, Vakeesha is quite enthusiastic about the elimination of mental poverty and social stigma in her community and by extension in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. She is the Press Secretary of a non-profit community group, the Becket Benefit Organisation which is geared towards the enhancement and holistic development of the residents of Layou.

Vakeesha values family and can never fully express her infinite love for her parents, grand-mother and siblings. Embedded in her actions is the belief that without family, we do not truly build love and without love, we destroy ourselves. She enjoys debating, sharing advice and listening to music. Her favourite artiste is Lucky Dube.

She is a proud past student of the Girls’ High School where she obtained 11 O’Levels and then went on to study law, literature in English, psychology and communication studies at the SVGCC Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies. She is twenty-one years old and is currently an English teacher at the Central Leeward Secondary School. As a teacher, Vakeesha is strategically positioned to gain great insight as it relates to the daily struggles faced by our nation’s children. She has come to realize that these struggles are fueled by social stereotypes, low self-confidence and lack of love and support.

Despite the challenges of the job, Vakeesha is in love with teaching as she believes that a teacher who loves teaching, teaches children to love learning. Being a teacher allows her to contribute to the development of her country, reminds her to remain humble as she learns from her students and simply makes her happy as she bonds with her students. In that regard, she gives credit to a very important platform that led to the realization of her goals; the Basil Charles Educational Foundation.

With an appetite for literature, she hopes to merge her love for language and her ability to serve the youths by furthering her studies in Linguistics and Language Education. Her role model is her sister, who Vakeesha defines as a determined, humble individual.

Vakeesha believes that no task is too hard and would use her experience as a contestant in Miss SVG to show young people, especially young women that we have to be the change that we want to see for according to Mother Teresa, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

Zenna Lewis

Zenna Lewis.
Zenna Lewis.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Born on the Sept.15, 1995, Zenna Lewis hails from the community most known for fishing and whaling, Barrouallie. Zenna describes herself as pleasantly calm, committed and high-spirited.

Zenna attended the Barrouallie Government School then went on to pursue her secondary education at the St. Vincent Girls’ High School. A graduate of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College: Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies, Zenna intends to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Management as she aspires to become a successful entrepreneur.

Zenna attributes her up-bringing to her mom, Leonie Lewis who is also her role model and source of motivation. Zenna regards her mom as a firm believer in Christianity and commends her for having done a tremendous job at instilling in her sound values.

Zenna is currently employed as a Server at the Buccament Bay Resort where she hopes to learn the basics of service and customer satisfaction. She describes herself as a unique individual with a keen interest in fashion and cosmetology. An aspiring entrepreneur, Zenna hopes to open and manage a make-up and skincare product line available for retail throughout the Caribbean.

Raneasha Loraine

Raneasha Loraine.
Raneasha Loraine.

Born of parents Sylvern Loraine and Raymond Punnett on Nov. 7, 1993 the beautiful and vibrant Raneasha Loraine stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches. The Georgetown resident has proven to be a masterpiece of beauty, elegance and is intellectually inclined. Twenty two (22) year old Raneasha graduated from the Georgetown Secondary School and the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College: Division of Technical and Vocational Education where she obtained an Applied Associate Degree in Hospitality Studies.

She was an active member of the RBTT Schools’ Young leaders programme and the Environmental Club in Secondary school. At leisure, her interests are dancing, modeling and a friendly game of volley ball. Raneasha especially admires her mother as she has worked tirelessly to provide for her seven (7) children.

A lover of pageantry from the tender age of eight (8), Raneasha participated in a series of pageants in her neighbor’s yard and continued to grace the stage as she grew. She placed first runner up in the Miss Georgetown Festival pageant in 2009, was crowned Miss North Windward in 2011 and first runner up in the Miss Rural SVG pageant in 2012. One of her many dreams is to be crowned Miss SVG.

Raneasha intends to purse studies in Hospitality Management and become a Hotel Manager and is guided by her motto “As long as I do my best I am proud of my efforts”.

Dahvana Daneisha Shanika Providence

Dahvana Daneisha Shanika Providence.
Dahvana Daneisha Shanika Providence.

Dahvana Providence was born on Sept. 15, 1994 to Mr Don Ike Providence and Mrs Judith Providence of Old Montrose at the Kingstown General Hospital. She is number two for both parents with two brothers and two sisters. She attended the CW Prescod Primary school. While in Grade 6, she participated in the Miss SVG Princess pageant and was adjudged 3rd runner up and Miss Photogenic. At that point she started modelling and doing various modelling events.

She then moved on to the Dr. JP Eustace secondary where her love for sewing grew. In 2014, she was awarded Best Clothing and Textile student. In August 2014 and September 2015, she emerged victorious in the Courts fashion shows where she modelled her designs along with her brother’s. Her design skills were further rewarded in October 2015 when she was adjudged the 2015 Independence female best dress winner, sporting a dress which she had designed. A lover of pageantry, she participated in and placed 1st runner up in the 2015 Miss Unity Youth pageant.

She is currently a member of Focus Entertainment Talent Agency. She is therefore focusing on designing, modelling and sewing which are her passions as she aspires to become one of St. Vincent and Grenadines’ leading designers.

Jeanetta Richards

Jeanetta Richards.
Jeanetta Richards.

Jeanetta Richards was born to Debra Richards Charles and Jerry Charles on June 10, 1993, at the then Kingstown General Hospital, St Vincent.

She began her education at the Calliaqua Anglican School and went on to attend the St Vincent Girls’ High School where she achieved seven CSEC passes. In 2012, Jeanetta applied and was accepted into the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, Division of Nursing Education, where she is currently completing her final year.

Jeanetta enjoys reading, singing, dancing and is an active member of the Winfresh SouthEast Steel Orchestra.

Jeanetta governs herself by the philosophy “if you stand for nothing, you fall for anything.” She believes that it is important for an individual to have values and goals and use them as a continuous driving force.

A lover of pageants, Jeanetta captured the title of Miss East St George in 2012, taking three of the four judged categories.

Jeanetta is a fun, loving and jovial individual who exemplifies all the qualities of a great leader. Jeanetta aspires to pursue a career in nursing, specifically serving as a Nurse Anesthetist, a highly respected field of nursing that is in high demand. She chose this career path because of the joy one experiences, knowing that someone trusts them to provide the highest standard of nursing care, when they are unable to care for themselves.

Everyday Jeanetta encounters new people, who often leave a solid impression. She believes that it is very difficult to choose one or two persons she admires most because, everyone who has made a positive impact on her, will always be admired for their contribution, in molding her into the person she is today.

Nikianna Williams

Nikianna Timesha Williams.
Nikianna Timesha Williams.

Nikianna Timesha Williams was born on Feb. 25, 1994 to Roxanne Arlene Williams and Timothy Jr. Percy Simmons. She grew up in the rural village of Diamonds and attended the Diamonds Government School, after which she attended the St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua (SJCM) where she discovered her love for Caribbean history.

Through the study of history, she became fascinated by Nelson Mandela for his strength and his work for black Africans.

After completing five years at SJCM, she graduated with nine CSEC passes and pursued studies in history, sociology and communication studies at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College- Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies (SVGCC-DASGS).

In 2013, she enrolled at the SVGCC – Division of Teacher Education to pursue a teaching career, a childhood dream. However, after an experience during her teaching practicum exercise, an interest in becoming a child psychologist was unearthed. Nikianna now aspires to become a child psychologist.

She holds a great sense of admiration for her mother – a single mother of six (6) who has worked tirelessly to ensure that all of her children are well taken care of. She credits her mother’s resilience and hard work for shaping her into the young woman she is today.

Her interests lie in dancing, poetry and short story writing, hairstyling and dramatizing.

One of Nikianna’s passions is to eliminate child hunger in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

2 replies on “Miss SVG 2016 Contestants’ Bios and Photos”

  1. C. ben-David says:

    Where do these girls’ parents (usually their mothers) get these pseudo-African names from?

    Don’t they know that in our ancestral homeland names have meaning and symbolism attached to them not the silly pretence these phony appellations — Meischa, Keisha, Zeisha, Lameena, Beleeka, Dimballa, all names I have just invented — evoke.

    This is not a call for a return to English names like Jane, Mary, and Susan but simply a request for names that have some degree of authenticity.

  2. Wow! A bevy of stunningly beautiful, well-adjusted, intellectually focused and progressive Vincy young ladies. I am proud of everyone .. win, lose or draw. We must encourage these ladies to pursue their dreams relentlessly and avoid the negative pressures of a society that appears to have gone wild, wild West of late. Let’s pray that these ladies keep their self-esteem intact and move on to achieve their dreams for their families and the nation’s benefits.

    As for the names …. it is good to see that creativity reigns where the naming of children in SVG is concerned. The meaning of each name will come pouring out as each lady exhibit the core of her personality, drive, and commitment to excellence. It is not just the formulation of names that count. It is the character of the person who wears the name that matters.

    Forward in the quest for meaningful lives, my Vincy daughters!

    Vinci Vin

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