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Ulp Wsg Consituency Office

The ULP’s West St. George office was burglarised on the weekend. (IWN photo)

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The ruling Unity Labour Party has suspended operations at its West St. George constituency office to allow for repairs after a burglary there on the weekend.

Burglars stole a number of items, including an electric transformer, from the office building, located in Arnos Vale.

The lock on the main entry door and the door itself were also damaged.

Police are investigating the burglary.

The Burglars Damaged The Main Entrance To The Building. (Iwn Photo)

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The burglars damaged the main entrance to the building. (IWN photo)

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3 replies on “ULP constituency office burglarised”

  1. You can be pretty sure it is one of their own who have visited that office and seen what is there.

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