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A 46-year-old domestic worker says she quit her job and filed a report with the police after being verbally abused by a male politician in St. Vincent and the Grenadines on April 29.

The woman said she was hired primarily to care for an elderly woman who lives at the house.

Her duties also included cleaning, cooking, washing and ironing.

Initially, she worked two days a week and another helper worked three days.

However, she began working five days after the other helper quit the job.

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The woman told iWitness News that she was instructed not to clean the politician’s room, because, according to her, the person who hired her said that he brings a lot of different women to the house.

Her employer was of the view that the politician’s guests should help him to clean his room, which has a self-contained bathroom.

The woman said that she once ignored her employer’s instructions and cleaned the politician’s room and her employer threatened to fire her.

She said that on April 29, the politician told another resident of the house to tell her to clean his bathroom, and she declined, noting her employer’s instruction, adding that the politician refuses to even greet her.

“He came out and he start to emphasize himself on me with the dirty words,” the woman told iWitness News.

“Only left for the man push me down. He said, ‘You don’t have to f***ing dey her, what the F*** you doing here? Get to f*** out of here’,” the woman told iWitness News.

She said she went to the kitchen where her employer was and told her employer that she was quitting the job.

She said the politician came into the kitchen and continued with his abusive behaviour so she grabbed a knife.

The woman told iWitness News that the politician then said he was going to get his gun, but did not return.

“I didn’t go there to wuk with him. I go there to tek care ah the old woman…” the woman told iWitness News.

“And you can’t dey wukking in a place where you don’t feel comfortable. If someone wukking and you don’t like the person, at least show them appreciation — ‘Morning’, ‘Good evening.’

“You are not his type. He just watching you and go bout his business,” the woman told iWitness News.

The woman told iWitness News that after quitting the job, her former employer asked her to come to the house last week.

When she went, the former employer told her that the house had not been cleaned since she left and asked her to reconsider her decision to quit.

The woman said she told her former employer that the politician was too abusive, and her children had advised her not to take back the job.

She said that while there, the politician came out and asked her if she had the heart to come back in the house.

She told iWitness News that he further said that she had lodged his name with the police and he should then give her something to go to the police station about.

2 replies on “Domestic worker says politician abused her”

  1. TeacherFang says:

    These politicians are wicked! What, the politician had you chained in the basement, like a wutless dutty dawg, feeding you nothing but ramen and noodles and threatening vile deeds? OMG! The politician beat you with his boxers? And then show you his beautiful big red rooster? He is an animal! He did what? He forced you to touch it and stroke it? Disgusting! He threatened to lollipop your pudenda? And your belly-button? A most vile man. He said what, no he didn’t..he said he owns your pussycat? He needs Jesus.

    Wait, what, none of these things happened. Where is the abuse? Well after I refused to do my job and then pulled a knife, he cussed me and told me to get out his house…oh, I see. Let me explain somethings to you.

    Now, there seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding here, as to who is the employer and who is the employee. The EMPLOYER IS THE POLITICIAN, imho…isn’t he the one who is paying for the services. If the “politician” says clean the bathroom, well you clean the bathroom. And by the way, what business is it of the “employer” as to how many women the “politician” bring to his house. None of your business, unless of course, you are one of the women.


  2. In the first instant, if you quit the job why would you show up on the premises?

    You seem to be enjoying every bit of the abuse. Let the employer find someone else to clean the house.

    I am quite sure she can. It seems that everyone she employs have to suffer because of whoever that politician is. Likewise, in the best of interest, she needs to set priorities right with the politician.
    And, if what I am reading is correct, the politician seems to be really having issues with self respect.

    Lady, stay clear out of his way. Let him learn to clean his room for himself, and with or the help of his concubines. #Just saying.

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