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Brenda Barbour-Charles, right, and Dionne Emtage.
Brenda Barbour-Charles, right, and Dionne Emtage.
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Two senior members of Digicel SVG’s management team recently represented St. Vincent and the Grenadines in Antigua and Barbuda at the 2016 Women Leadership Learning (W.I.L.L) Programme.

Dionne Emtage, head of mobile operations and Brenda Barbour-Charles, high value customer manager at Digicel SVG both participated in the leadership program on May 9.

The W.I.L.L programme is geared at supporting and empowering women in leadership in all 33 of Digicel markets in the Caribbean and Latin America.

The programme specifically focused on developing women’s leadership and confidence skills, career navigation planning, key mentor relationships, and access to role models of success. Research show that when women and men work together, particularly on boards, much better governance and economic performance results.

Emtage described the experience as an eye-opener and extremely motivational, explaining that the training encouraged her to continue to rise above daily challenges and endeavour to function in top management positions at Digicel, particularly at the board level.

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Additionally, Barbour-Charles said being nominated to attend the W.L.L.L programme was an honour, as it is a clear indication that steps are being taken to breakdown gender barriers, which will allow more females to become leaders within male dominated circles.

Barbour-Charles added that the first session of W.I.L.L has given her a confidence boost to strive for the next level in her career path. She said she is particularly looking forward to the mentorship assignment segment of the training, which will see each participant being paired with someone within the same career path who will provide guidance and support to them. The W.I.L.L training will run monthly in Antigua and Barbuda until September 2016.