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Wendel Ollivierre was foudn dead Wednesday morning. He was shot in the head.
Wendel Ollivierre was foudn dead Wednesday morning. He was shot in the head.
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Police have identified as Wendel Ollivierre the masked man was found dead in Upper New Montrose on Wednesday.

Ollivierre is a 21-year-old resident of Vermont and has become the second person from that interior district to be killed within a week.

Ollivierre was shot in the back of the head, police said.

Residents of Upper New Montrose said they heard gunshots sometime around 11 p.m. Tuesday.

Investigators did not say if they suspect any connection between his death and that of Sheldon Pollin, who died after being shot at a shop in Diamond last Wednesday night.

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Pollin lived in the South Windward community where he was killed, but is originally from Vermont.

Police said that Ollivierre was shot in the back of his head.

He is the third person to be killed in St. Vincent over the last week, all of whom died of gunshot injuries.

Masked gunmen shot Questelles man William “Tally Green” Goodgie in Paul Avenue around 4 p.m. on Saturday. He died sometime after leaving the scene for the hospital.

St. Vincent records third killing in a week

5 replies on “Latest murder victim is 21-y-o Vermont man”

  1. C. ben-David says:

    In the earlier news post related to this issue the Prime Minister claimed that SVG “is a very safe and secure place” despite the rash of recent killings.

    Safety and security are relative issues. So what about safety and security in other places?

    The global intentional homocide rate is 6.2 people per 100,000 population.

    The intentional homocide rate in the United States is 3.8 people per 100,000.

    The intentional homocide rate in the United Kingdom is 1.0 people per 100,000.

    What about little SVG? The intentional homocide rate here is 25.6 per 100,000, or over four times the world rate and seven times the American rate.

    “A very safe and secure place” my foot.

    Oh, at least we are well below the country with the highest rate in the world — our best friend Venezuela — which has a intentional homocide rate of 53.6 per 100,000 people.

    We also have the third highest rape level in the world.

    Again, “a very safe and secure place” my foot.

    1. Patrick Ferrari says:

      C. ben,

      why you don’t shut your doubting Thomas trap – and shove your figures while you are at it. What international and what figures and what proof got to do with anything. Is what the man say is how it is. Do you realize how bright the prime minister is? And who he is? Who is you and your international figures by comparison?

      If the man say his and the ULP’s St. Vincent and the Grenadines “is a very safe and secure place,” then that is exactly and resolutely what it is.

      And you should go and live there. Pass for me.

      Watch, for example. In early April the prime minister asked us to give him until the end of April for him “to announce a more precise date for the opening of the Argyle International Airport.” He hasn’t. Does that mean he hasn’t? No it does not. C. ben, it means your international calendar and everybody else’s is off. The real April ain’t done yet. When he makes the announcement, then is when April ends. That is what end of April means, and what safe and secure means.

      Also, to use your “relative,” “more precise” is lose and relative. As for dates, anything is more precise than what they have been feeding us for the past eight years – many times a year. In other words, more precise does not include the accepted (international) meaning of precise.

      They are going to go airport opening, airport opening, airport opening until it open and then they go say airport opening, see what we’ve been saying all the time.

      Don’t you just get tired of the crap?

      1. Brown Boy USA says:

        With all due respect Mr. Ferrari, C. ben has his opinion and is entitled to present data to make his point whether you agree with them or not. This is the problem with us, we are so taken up into party politics that we miss the bigger of picture of what is stake. What is at stake at this moment is not ULP or NDP but the future of our country and how it is run. You seem to base on your assessment of the country on how bright the PM is and asked the question of if you know the PM is? You paint the picture as if the PM is some godly figure who cannot be touch and whatever he says is the gospel. Additionally, you divert from the issue to that of the airport to make you point, which was pointless anyway because it does not make much sense. My question to you sir, if the PM is so bright why do we have so many problems, crimes are high, unemployment and underemployment are high, there is no accountability as far as the airport financing is concern, lands are being sold and people be denied access to beaches, and so on…I would think if the PM is so bright we would not have all these problems, or they would have been to the minimum, not high. You are correct in a sense, the PM is very smart because I can see how he can wave is magic in front of your face and you take it that it is real. A word of advise, be careful how you praise others, because the arms of fresh will fail you, you there not trust you own. So be wise not smart, because even a fool thinks he is smart!

      2. C. ben-David says:

        Yes, Patrick, our supreme leader is a latter day Lewis Carol and we are all Alices, or better still asses, in Wonderland.

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