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From left: Osborne Jack, left, Violet Joslyn-Hannibal and Susan Duncan. (iWN file photo)
From left: Osborne Jack, left, Violet Joslyn-Hannibal and Susan Duncan. (iWN file photo)
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Magistrate Bertie Pompey on Monday granted a request by the prosecution for a bench warrant for Osborne Jack, one of four opposition supporters charged with disrupting the operation of the Electoral Office on Jan. 20.

Jack, a 30-year-old security guard of Level Gardens, did not turn up to court on Monday for a scheduled hearing.

Prosecutor Station Sergeant of Police Elgin Richards asked the magistrate to issue a warrant for Jack’s arrest.

“He should be here. He knows he should be here,” Richards said of the accused, who was initially granted bail in his own recognizance.

Jack is jointly charged along with three women: Violet Joslyn-Hannibal, 52, a vendor of Redemption Sharpes; Sheridon Davis, 42, a unemployed of Arnos Vale; and Susan Duncan, 49, unemployed of Georgetown.

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The prosecution told the court on Monday that the file was still at the office of the Director of Public Prosecution, having been submitted for directions.

The matter was adjourned to Aug. 8 for hearing.

The four were arrested around 12:20 p.m. on Jan. 20, and charged for assembling together outside the precincts of the Electoral Office with intent to carry out a common purpose, to wit, “disruption of the operation of the Electoral Office”.

The four are said to have been protesting outside the Electoral Office.

The Crown is also alleging that the accused did conduct themselves in a manner as to cause persons in the neighborhood reasonably to fear that they will commit a breach of the peace of Kingstown.

6 replies on “Court issues bench warrant for opposition activist”

  1. Jeannine James says:

    So, let me understand this. I could get arrested and charged strictly for what some random person fears?

    1. It mostly depends on what political party you support or possibly how much money you give to a certain few in that party.

  2. Brown Boy USA says:

    When is this nonsense going to stop and we stop depriving people of their constitutional rights? I’m telling you Vincentians, we like to sit back on side lines and watch others do the struggling for us and do nothing until something happened to us. Let us stand up and let the voice of the people be heard. This country those not belong to any one political party or one person, this is our country and wherever injustice is being meted out we should stand up, because I think these charges are bogus and politically motivated to create fear.

  3. The Judicial System in SVG is more like Comedy Central. One day all these so call Magistrate who seems to think their sitting high, will certainly one day be brought low. The Citizen has no faith in their justice system and that speaks volume, no wonder the Country is in disarray. SVG Kangaroo Court

  4. That’s what I was thinking too. Did they already prove that these people struck fear into the hearts of neighbouring persons? Another tactic to strip people of their right to protest. I hope the protestors know what they should and should not be doing so as to avoid this same fate.

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