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The man was found hanging from the tent at the centre of the photograph. (IWN photo)
The man was found hanging from the tent at the centre of the photograph. (IWN photo)
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The body of an elderly man was found hanging by the neck on the Calliaqua Playing Field Sunday morning.

The death brings to two the number of senior citizens found dead in a similar manner in this country over the last month.

Police have identified the man as 67-year-old Errol Chambers, also known as “Speeder”, of Glen.

They say he is a former civil servant and was once an employee of the then Chamber of Industry and Commerce Car Park in Kingstown.

Chambers’ body was found hanging from under a tent that has been pitched for a sporting event at the playing field.

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His feet were barely touching the ground and his torso was resting somewhat against the stage that had been erected under the tent.

He was wearing a red t-shirt, green shorts, and brown loafers.

On May 15, the body of 66-year-old Arnos Durrant of Lowmans Windward was found hanging from a tree in his community.

An autopsy concluded that he had ingested a poisonous substance, but died of asphyxiation.

3 replies on “Body of elderly man found hanging in Calliaqua”

  1. RIP!!just a question is this the new way out of the situation in SVG? Is there an epidemic of people commuting suicide in this lLand and if so why? No way out but death eh, even if you go to a place where your suppose to get better people of SVG is dying. There should be a survey of death in SVG, so ppl can really grasp the serious of SVG plight, as to death of negligence of the hospital for lack of resources, natural death, death by gun violence, and least but not last death by suicde

  2. What is happening in my country? This story is so sad, it makes one wonder if this is connected to any economic hardship that so many vincentians must face everyday.

  3. I knew Speedo since 1962. Very athletic guy who lived a clean life. Spent much of his life as a civil servant in his country. Something stinks to high heaven about his death. His family is calling for an inquiry into his death and I fully support them. I saw a picture of him hanging in the tent at another news agency and there are some things that strike me as odd. His toes are actually touching the ground. His two hands are resting on the table with some thing clearly visible clutched in his hand. There is some thing dark like a tee shirt or some piece of rag around his neck. One wishing to hang themselves would climb onto the table, place the rope around their neck, jump off the table having more space from the ground to accomplish their deed. I fail to see how someone can hang themselves with both hands free resting on a table, ten toes on the ground. How was this achieved, did he place the rope around his neck and then just tip toed till he died? Any one trying to hang themselves, once the rope starts to tighten, having two free hands resting on a table, feet resting on the ground, would only have to reach up and grab the rope or the table. The coroner has already ruled out foul play. If some one strangled him and then string him up of course it would appear he hanged himself. Since we don’t seem to have competent police to deal with these complex matters, maybe for his long service the government could ask for outside help to solve this case. RIP Speedo.

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