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Paul "I-Madd" Scrubb.
Paul “I-Madd” Scrubb.
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New York-based Vincentian Paul Scrubb was on Friday arrested at the E.T. Joshua Airport, reportedly in connection with posts he allegedly made on Facebook last year.

Scrubb, a calypsonian who is known for songs such as “A Jumbie” and “Kicking Dem Out” that are critical of the ruling Unity Labour Party, was nabbed as he was about to enter the departure lounge of the E.T. Joshua Airport.

A lawyer who is familiar with the development said that police have conducted an electronic interview with the artiste, whose stage name is “I-Madd”.

The lawyer said that the indication was that Scrubb would be charged with sedition and making a threat.

If this is done, he is likely  to remain in police custody on the weekend until Monday, to appear before a magistrate.

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Scrubb’s arrest comes amidst concerns about the intention of some elements of the cybercrime bill that is before Parliament.

Some observers have welcomed elements of the bill that seeks to protect vulnerable persons on the internet, but have also expressed concern that it extend the ability of the stage to intimidate or silent its critics and political opponents.

26 replies on “New York-based Vincentian arrested over Facebook posts”

  1. Luther Bonadie says:


    You have realized there is a difference between silencing critics and utter treats.

    You have to learn Kenton also, That everything is not small minded politics, as you display’s.

    1. Let me tell you Bonadie that Mr Chance has plenty education on the situation.

      He even attended a conference in Barbados which all professionals in the Caribbean and Americas attended.

      That is why I have always offered the truth, unlike the comrade who is a self certified liar. Because although the truth hurts the ULP and Gonsalves, its still the truth. I can also tell you the Americans are closely monitoring the situation.

      1. Luther Bonadie says:

        Why don’t you shut you […] mouth , What education you talk about, what conference.
        Kenton Chance is a blow shell and a bias boots licking goat.
        If Kenton Chance is educated then I am the King of the Jews.
        You darm small minded jack ass Vincentians.

      2. Luther Bonadie says:

        Kenton ( peter bemuse )
        I not sure which you prefer to be called at this time.
        Don’t talk about America like you know America.
        Listen, America has bigger fish to fry, and is not interested in one ignorant, insignificant nigger, at this time they are thinking how to kick his black ass out of America.
        Kenton, I thought you were a journalist.
        look, one advise, you are smart enough to have this online news service, why don’t use your God given talent and stop the political bias.

    2. Brown Boy USA says:

      Luther, what threats did this guy made, and he was in SVG all along, why wait until he’s leaving? It is clear that he has not committed crime or carry through with his threats so leave him alone. There have been many high ranking officials who have made public threats on others in SVG and nothing happened. We have to learn to call a spade a spade and put this political nonsense behind us. We can’t just sit and call political victimization justice when in fact it is what is it. Today for I-madd, who next. The cyber bill has not even been passed and all this started happening! Vincentians wake up. This government wants all of us to shut up! When in the history of SVG can’t no one speak how they feel. Ralph is the big outspoken individual when he was in opposition, now he’s in power no one can’t say anything. Well, only time will tell.

      1. Luther Bonadie says:

        You are wrong my friend, if you were right, then there would be no nice ( lies ) radio on air.

  2. Awe! SVG Darth Vador has started his war, hope he can truly handle the heat that is about to be released in the SVG. More and more it is showing that something is clearly wrong with the Leadership in your Country, it comes like a man wh has a sexual desease that is eating away at his brains, and all he can think or do is to victimize the citizen of his country as he said, but one must be careful, because the same dogs may come back and nip him in the ass…Vincention descent is now on… First u victimize those in your yard and now your trying to victimize those outside your yard… Sir you have now entered the twilight zone….Every dog has their day and you are no exception… One day your dogs is gonna bite you back

  3. Uncle Spoon says:

    SVG will soon become like Jamaica back in the 1970’s and 80′. This cyber bill will only further divide the country; part yellow part red. The high and mighty, the ones who are making the rules, doesnt get affected. It is the die hard supporters outside who will be at each other’s throat; it is very sad!

    As expected, this bill was passed to silence the PM’s critics, whether or not the supports agree; this is just the first case.

    A few years from now, we will all be seeing the elements that this government planted during the 15 years they occupied office for….just wait patently.

    1. Watching Hard says:

      Remember that the champion of this bill was taking notes in Jamaica in the 70s. Wasn’t he a student there at one time leading protests? He learned all the wrong lessons and decided to apply them in St. Vincent.

  4. C. ben-David says:

    Just searched Facebook for this guy — Paul “I-Madd” Scrub and found … nothing … which means he was dissed by Facebook — had his account sent to the graveyard — for posting really bad shit.

    All I found was a song that had a pathetic 54 views. This guy is no superstar.

    Still, does anyone know what this bad shit that got him locked up consisted of (what must be somewhere on the Internet never because this stuff never disappears, just sometimes hard to find)?

    1. It looks like he said things the establishment does not like. I remember the days when the used to say: “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” That is certainly not true when it comes to SVG and the names are directed at a leader with very weak character, or his authoritarian party.

  5. TeacherFang says:

    Of course!!!… this is what happen under Taliban rules… you get lock up for talking cloth on Facebook…

    Let’s await the

  6. This is to show what happens to us if we are not supportive of the ULP. I have been noticing that the people of SVG are becoming more afraid to state their mind…when it is not in favor of the rulers.

  7. TeacherFang says:

    … let’s await the explanation from the relevant authorities as to what exactly did this gentleman wrote on Facebook that have the police in such a state of alarm… Cause this to be some high quality BS.

  8. skeckpalmer says:

    I am hoping Kenton could put a copy of these new laws on the Internet, so Vincentians could go through it line by line.
    Kenton, lets’ start the debate, before someone start acting out and take out those who make their lives miserable.

  9. skeckpalmer says:

    I GOOGLE: Paul “I-Madd” Scrub, and found nothing damaging. I hope a copy of his crime will be published, so Vincentians can see.
    This action is to scare Vincentians from posting articles about this illicit, illegal, corrupt, vindictive and criminal government.

    1. Luther Bonadie says:

      You jack ass and small mind Vincentian will never lean; however, one thing is very clear, thank God, that there are not many stupid Vincentian like you and that lost pet fool.

  10. You can’t really arrest someone for sedition. That is just really weird. If there is an actual crime, that’s one thing, but without a crime, sedition is perfectly legal.

    1. Luther Bonadie says:

      Did you know that Jesus Christ was crucified for sedition.

      Where you get that sedition is perfectly legal, unless your name is Donald Trump.

  11. Jeannine James says:

    It might also help that if bonadie has something to say that is relevant or makes even mild sense that he try to express it in a way that readers might understand what he is saying. He is relatively safe though because I doubt SVG has laws against idiocy. I also doubt that the fragile regime objects to idiocy or the jail would’ve been ram-packed.

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