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The deceased, Kiara Shortte.
The deceased, Kiara Shortte.
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A teenage girl became this country’s latest road fatality when a sport utility vehicle in which she was travelling went over an embankment in Hope Well, Marriaqua sometime around 3 a.m. Friday.

The victim has been identified as 17-year-old Kiara Shortte of Richland Park.

The scene of the accident.
The scene of the accident.

Police are yet to release a statement on the incident, but iWitness News understands that it occurred in an area of the interior district where the road has been damaged for some time.

Sources tell iWitness News that other occupants of the vehicle were taken to hospital, but their condition is not known at this time.

Shortte became the second teenager to die in a vehicular this summer vacation.

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On July 28, 15-year-old Justin Young of Lower Questelles died when a truck he was working on as a summer job overturned in Fair Hall.

The road in the area of the accident.
The road in the area of the accident.

2 replies on “Teenager dies as vehicle goes over embankment”

  1. Patrick Ferrari says:

    Poor little soul. She did not live long enough to see the airport fix the road.

    Kenton, be careful, it may well be a Cybercrime to show the picture of that “road.”

  2. Look at that “road”. For all these years the roads have been neglected in favor of lots of Liat flights and hotels for the upper level government employees, as well as lavish benefits for the ULP government loyals. Election-time lumber and cement instead of roads. You would think the government would get its’ priorities straight. Roads don’t win elections, unless it concerns the patch-ups using sub-standard materials so the hole-filling can stretch in quantity and suffer in quality. In this case the road seems to be disintegrating off the embankment, and our people pay for a lazy government with their lives.

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