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Beach Kiosk - SVGBy Patrick Ferrari

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12 replies on “IN PHOTOS: Tourist attraction Vincy style”

  1. The saddest thing is that most of our people are not troubled by this. Nor do hey care that the international airport being built at Argyle will be an economic failure as long as we have one just like everyone else.

    1. Luther Bonadie says:

      C- Ben,

      Boy, I see that, that airport is burning you, like a sweet woman you cannot get, and you cant do one sh**it about it.

      Ha !!!

  2. There is need for CCTV cameras and litter wardens to charge these nasty individuals.
    Provide some employment opportunities for someone.

    1. You will need tens of thousands of cameras and hundreds of wardens because most of our people don’t give one shit about the environment.

      1. Luther Bonadie says:

        C-Ben ,
        Why don’t you talk to that […] peter, he knows it’s the Unity Labour Party, perhaps we can make him the king garbage warden.

    1. Luther Bonadie says:

      Jack ass,

      What does the leadership of the Unity Labour Party has to do with those pictures of garbage.

      It takes an ass like you to be blaming someone else; because, dumb ass Vincentian like you been doing that since time, so who […] you are to be pointing figures.

      I can tell that you are the type who will dump garbage around St. Vincent.

      You are a testament for spreading that […] garbage that’s in your ignorant, foul, and dirty mouth.

      Ha !!!

      1. Bonadie you know quite well what the rubbish on the beach has to do with the ULP who are a group of rubbish not just on our beaches’ but in the whole of society. Take yourself for instance I can think of no one who writes here as closer to being your own collection of rubbish.

        The disgusting observations and comments are proof enough of your rubbish status.

        So one must ask how much rubbish can one man be, in your case a truck load.

        It is quite obvious that when I write and speak the truth it annoys you and your puppeteers. That is also evidence to your rubbish status.

        I know also how annoying it must be for you come here and find your inferiority in intelligence to the superiority of people like myself.

      2. Brown Boy USA says:

        Luther, I have been noticing your comments on anyone who in any way say anything about this government. You are rude, disrespectful and should realized that your comments are being seen worldwide. You’re entitle to your opinion, but so too is everyone else. And while you may disagree, there’s no need for you to be so down right nasty and disrespectful. It’s distasteful and shine a bad light on who we are as Vincentians. Let us learn to respect each other’s views and opinions and even if you disagree, refrain from being so disrespectful. You are much better than that, I do hope.

  3. The problem is no one cares, the government doesn’t give a toss nor does the ministry of tourism. The very same people will be happy to come back the next day and sit among that and add some more to it.

    All the tourist sites are like that, in fact I have seen far worse in Saint Vincent, not the Grenadines they are switched on.

    If there were proper bins for such rubbish would it help? but no one would empty the bins and that would create a fly swarmed stinking receptacle. The bins would not be emptied for days if not weeks, if ever at all.

    Can you imagine what there homes and gardens are like, these are real pigs.

    1. Patrick Ferrari says:

      peter, it is like this.

      There are two entrances to Indian Bay beach. Three really but you do not count one; virtually only the house owners at that end use it.

      There is one Solid Waste green bin to “share” between the two entrances.

      The bulk, by far, of the garbage on the beach is under and near the “Do Not Litter” sign and the one garbage bin is only a few feet away.

      One day’s worth of trash overflows the bin. Solid Waste picks up the inadequate bin one time a week – on Fridays.

      Even before the bin is full, there is trash all around it. The litter bugs could not be troubled to throw their trash inside – even when they do not have the difficult task, God forbid, of lifting the lit: it is not there.

      Then there are the vagrants. Vagrants other than the beach going ones.

      And here is the worstest thing of all, worster than all of the above added together: there is far more trash on the beach during school holidays. Tell me, what does that say for the future of litter?

      Answer: it is here to stay.

      By the way, you forgot to mention rats. Chicken bones, which you do not see, litter the beach.

  4. Brown Boy USA says:

    In this country it seems like anything goes! Nobody seem to have any respect for anything or anybody anymore. If we are promoting tourism, how do we expect tourists to come to our country looking this? Let us stop fooling ourselves, the government can’t do it alone, but there need to be more measures taken by the government and the citizens themselves to ensure our tourist sites are kept clean. It is in the interest and benefit of all Vincentians that we do so. More awareness of the problem is need on all sides. Thank you Kenton for highlighting this problem because we need more of this if we are to address the problem.

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