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The Ministry of Health said the death of the babies was not linked to this new-born who was rescued from the latrine in Fitz Hughes.

The newborn baby who was rescued from a latrine pit in Fitz Hughes on Wednesday morning died on the weekend.

Police said that they have been informed of the death of the infant and that their investigation continues.

Head of the Criminal Investigation Department, detective Superintendent Ruth Jacobs, told iWitness News on Monday that there is an active investigation into the birth and subsequent death of the baby, a boy.

A 96-second video that began circulating on social media on Wednesday shows a number of persons frantically rescuing the newborn baby from the latrine.

Jacobs told iWitness News that no charges have been brought again the mother of the child, who was discharged from hospital on Friday.

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The chief detective did not disclose any information about the mother, saying only that she is said to be in her 30s.

Jacobs said that the police launched an investigation as soon as they were informed of the rescue of the baby.

She said that when the investigation is completed, the Director of Public Prosecution, Colin Williams, would decide what charges, if any, would be laid.

Jacobs said that charges could range from concealment of birth to murder.

Villagers rescue newborn baby from pit latrine

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  1. Get ready for a legal rebuttal claiming post-partum depression supported by a psychiatric assessment. Don’t forget that in our little gender double-standard country women are treated very leniently by the legal system.

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