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Anesia Baptiste, leader of the Democratic Republican Party.
Anesia Baptiste, leader of the Democratic Republican Party.

Sons and daughters of St. Vincent and the Grenadines I wish you a happy 37th anniversary of political independence. While we mark this historical event, we pause to reflect on the real meaning of Independence. We are free to elect our own governments under our constitution but please remember that the reason we do this is for the protection of our inalienable and inviolable, natural rights and freedoms.

The DRP, through our political philosophy of republicanism, sounds the call repeatedly for the recognition of rights and freedoms as inalienable because without this, our liberties are not safe. As one former U.S. President, Thomas Jefferson, opined, “Can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are a gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with his wrath?” — Thomas Jefferson in “Notes on Virginia”. And I answer, “No, we have no guard of our liberties without this recognition”. Belief in the God-given nature of rights and freedoms protects us from the arbitrary rule over our rights by tyrants in authority, who believe they are gods to the people. To assert that our rights and freedoms are inalienable is to teach that they do not come from man, from government, from the legislative pen, from nature, from a majority or from human dignity (not all men behave dignified but yet they still have rights and freedoms because they were made thus by God). Another former U.S. President John Adams said, “You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments: Rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; Rights, derived from the Great Legislator of the Universe”.

Among these rights is the chief right to liberty of conscience/right of religious liberty, which requires all other fundamental rights and freedoms for its exercise: they are rights to life and private property, freedoms of thought, belief, conscience, opinion, choice, speech, expression and movement. We say the right to liberty of conscience is supreme because it identifies the depth and root of the individual’s reasons for functioning, using the other rights and freedoms. Freedom is our natural state because it identifies us as intellectual humanity apart from animal and plant creation. Liberty of conscience is precious and no government must infringe upon it by infringing on other freedoms such as freedom of expression. “No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the “rights of conscience” against the enterprises of the civil authority”– Thomas Jefferson, 1809.

Yet our liberty of conscience is globally threatened by government policies and legislations. Case in point is the ambiguous and legally uncertain definitions of some offences in the S.V.G Cybercrime Act 2016 (such as section 17 — cyberbullying), which will undoubtedly infringe upon the people’s freedoms of conscience, expression and the press. This law seeks to regulate God-given freedoms in a manner that transgresses those freedoms and it is out of place for humans to sit in a legislature and commit such atrocity, in an Independent Country. They are not GOD! The DRP calls continually for its repeal and redrafting.

No matter the problems we face, the cause points to lack of respect for inalienable rights and freedoms: be it crime and violence among persons, policies which attack health freedoms (examples: forced, uninformed consent to poisonous vaccinations lies and refusal to inform about use of GMOs and other dangerous pesticides in food), sodomy-supporting legislations which redefine “rights” and “discrimination” to force the conscience of Christians and conscientious persons to accept and cooperate with such abominations, and or economic policies which attack the poor’s right to private property with excessive taxes etc. And to attack rights and freedoms is to attack our humanity. Therefore, get educated on inalienable rights my dear people in order to defend your liberties and protect our independence. For our liberty, the struggle goes on!

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2 replies on “‘Defending liberty’: DRP’s Independence Message”

  1. Does your hatred of sodomy also include hatred of cunilingous and felatio between freely consenting heterogenous couples and felatio between males?

    For me, bulling is nasty not on moral grounds but on health and medical grounds even though there are some women who actually enjoy anal intercourse.

    I think you had better rethink your intolerant moral-religious position: it makes you look like such an old-fashioned, stiff-necked prig unfit to ever hold public office in the morally feel good society that we are quickly evolving into.

  2. Anesia Baptista has many great political views that are far better than the government that we have now. Her intolerant religion is what keeps her from going anywhere politically. Too much hate. Leadership in our current government is also very wacky but the voodoo and Judaism elements there for those who look for it. If a politician says something, do not pay attention: instead look at their actions. Arnheim Eustace is far ahead of all of them in that respect. He does not cater to race or religion, thereby promoting equality for all. He lacks the tenacity of Anesia and the charisma of Gonsalves but otherwise would be a better choice as a leader, in most all other respects.

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