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Police in the Southern Grenadines and social welfare officials are investigating a case in which a man is heard on a recording admitting that he inappropriately touched his 14-year-old granddaughter after she came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her recently.

iWitness News learned of the development after receiving recordings of a conversation involving the child’s mother, the child’s grandmother and the man — who is from mainland St. Vincent — discussing the incident.

The recordings suggest that the child, a student, was present at the time, but her voice is not heard on the recording.

In one of the recordings, the man says, supposedly to the teenager: “[Name omitted], what I do you? I touch you today, right? I make a joke, I came by the bathroom and I touch you.”

The girl’s mother responds, “How can you come by the bathroom, a young girl just done bathe in a towel?”

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“I’m sorry!” the man shouts.

“[Name omitted], don’t say it’s a joke because it is not a joke,” the girl mother says.

“It is not once. This is more than once. And I keep knowing that and I ain’t say anything [because of the impact it would have on Mommy]. But if I keep saying that, Mommy would be here and it would happen right under she nose. “Yo’ go just be shame what come out, that would be it,” the woman says, her last sentence apparently directed at her mother.

“It stops today! It stops today! And I am going to get an officer (police) to warn you. No scandal. Simple and easy,” the woman says.

But her mother interjects that if the woman goes to the police, they would arrest the man.

“Well let them lock him up. As God…” the woman said as her words are jumbled, her voice filled with emotions. “It hurt me,” she further says.

The woman’s mother responds, “I shock out the world.”

In another recording, the mother, sounding very angry, says she was going to the police “and ask them to please warn you not to touch my child.

“[Name omitted], that is not a joke,” the mother further says, as a man can be heard saying that he is “sorry”.

“That is not a joke,” the woman repeats, adding, “You’re putting your hands on the private part of a young girl that you are supposed to be taking care of. How that could be a joke!”

“I sorry,” the man says.

“What in that could be a joke?” the woman screams and begins to sob.

“How could that be a joke,” the woman further sobs as the man tells her, “Don’t make no big scene.”

The woman insists that she is going to the police to ask them to warn the man, adding, “Because I swear to God ah go jail yo’.”

The man responds, but his words are indistinct and the woman again tells him, “Don’t touch me child.”

The mana asks the woman how she could jail him when nothing happened between him and the child.

The woman, however, contends that what happened could lead to something worst.

“Don’t touch me child! And don’t show she no (any) bad face just because this come out; because if it didn’t come out, it coulda gone worst,” the woman says.

“For what?” the man responds.

“Mommy, you will have to vex with me, because I am dead serious,” the woman warns her mother.

iWitness News understand that the child has been removed from the home, but no arrest has been made in the case.

3 replies on “In recordings, man admits to fondling 14-y-o step-granddaughter”

  1. Far worse than this happens every day all over SVG. The mother should have taken off the nasty man’s face there and even. No police would have charged her and no court would have convicted her.

  2. Vincentian knuckle heads “actors” are always within reach of any opposition hand of repute, (name yo price) and there is never a “dull moment”, I repeat, “dull moment” in our land even on a festive day like today Oct 27.
    There is always some ass-holes lurking somewhere ready, willing and able to play the part, not excluding “partisan” personages pushing their political agendas (name yo price).
    This is nothing more than blatant political “impropasexaganda” on its way to the incinerator and Vinciman say ‘burn baby burn’. Ah wouldn’t be falling for this one neither!
    Sorry actors on a sorry stage! ‘Go wey wid dat Kenton’. Chewps!

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