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I’ve been working with a hotel on the island of Canouan for a number of years and, by far, this is the worst management it has ever been under.

The foreign manager has absolutely no respect for their workers.

The hotel is now experiencing the worst of times as a result of the destructive, immoral and unethical practices of its current management. The head chef has been involved in many incidents, including crashing the company’s vehicle, which would warrant a final warning or even job termination for local staff.

Yet nothing happens to him. He has assaulted the front office manager, who had to stay in the hotel for a few days as she was so traumatized by the occurrence. He has pulled a knife at a sous chef, who was later fired, even as the head chef, who initiated the altercation, retained his job.

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Not too long after, the head chef got into a fight with another staff member who was fired, and again, the head chef remained untouched.

He assaulted another of his workers by hitting her on her bottom and, again, nothing came out of this.

He didn’t stop there. He scuffled a staff member in the kitchen and this incident stirred up a lot of questions because the manager got involved after he claimed that it was the staff member who started the incident. However, when the manager checked the security cameras, it was discovered that the chef was actually the one who started the incident.

He continued his abusive behaviour with the staff when he disrespected another staff and chucked her, resulting in her quitting the job.

His most recent incident where he began using a lot of obscenities at an employee and began pelting glasses at him, resulting in the worker receiving bodily harm.

The Human Resources Manager also has a big part to play in all of this. The Human Resources Manager is known to cover up many things when this chef and the General Manager are in trouble with staff members, as no matter how wrong they might be, The Human Resources Manager always finds a way to make it seems as if the workers are always to be blamed.

My understanding of a human resources department in a company is that they are supposed to be neutral in everything and should never side with anyone, staff or management. This is not so at this hotel. The Head Chef had even showed the Human Resources Manager that her authority meant nothing to him by tearing up his time card in front of her and walking away — and then again nothing happens.

Please do not misinterpret the aforementioned situation to be a reflection on all foreign management bodies across St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It is only a reflection of a few who, unfortunately, have placed the others in a bad light. I just want to urge those who are responsible to wake up and pay attention to those who are unfair and unjust to Vincentians.

Canouan Worker

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

7 replies on “Vincentians treated unfairly at hotel in Canouan”

  1. Yes, but can he cook, organize, and plan menus good? That, and only that, is what management is concerned with. If he was the nicest guy on the block but had poor kitchen administration, lousy food planning, and mediocre cooking skills, he would have quickly been terminated.

    It is well known in the culinary world, that some of the greatest chefs around are bad-ass tyrants in the kitchen.

    I am not condoning their bad behaviour or what goes on in Canouan but only pointing out that a lot of top people in stressful occupations are also real assholes.

    1. I truly understand your point.. But That is not the case here.. This is a case where the chef and manager both Italians is in a relationship. …. Which the worker don’t want to mention

  2. Ben you are making excuses for such behaviour. I am beginning to wonder about some of your recent articles.

  3. I worked at Carenage Bay about 17 years ago before I moved away under Dian Collins management and even then it treated local staff less favourably from the Ex-pats.
    I remember they housed the expats in TBH or at the resort itself, the local staff were housed in substandard accommodation in the village. The ex-pats were allowed to eat in the restaurants but local staff were not. The local staff were paid less than the ex-pats and were not offered the opportunity to work in the higher positions.
    Without a doubt there was clear discrimination against local staff, regardless of their skills or experience.
    So I’m afraid I don’t think the excuse that chefs have bad temperaments is a reasonable explanation for a company of this size to allow this kind of behaviour to carry on. It’s gross mis-conduct and disciplinary action should be taken against him.

  4. Why isn’t SVG Tourism authority notified of these abuse? Or the cops for that matter? Where are these foreigners from and why are they allowed to get away with these types inhumane behavior?

  5. People must learn how to stand up for their God given rights. We simple cannot allow ourselves to be the foot stool of other nations. It’s sad how our government allow these aliens to enter our shores and just do as they please to our fellow citizens. This need to be investigated by the relevant authorities to ensure justice is served.

    I’m just saying….I don’t have all the facts…

  6. You have to understand Canouan is now owned by Italians you have had plenty of time to get used to that.

    So why not leave the island and let them get on with their business, they are after all the owners, the government have confirmed that.

    In Italy there are whole villages where no one lives, at least no Italians, now the immigrants are moving in.

    Why not play them at their own game and all go to Italy on holiday, make a big fuss and invite the Italian press and TV, they would love such a story as you can tell. It would cause them international embarrassment on a massive scale.

    Tell them you have found the new Mussolini working as a chef in Canouan.

    Even a welcoming party at the Canouan airport when the Italian boss men arrive, placards in Italian and the straight are salute would suffice. Just make sure the Italian and Irish press are represented.

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