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The Ministry of Tourism will host its 2nd Tourism and Hospitality Career Expo at the Kingstown Methodist Church Hall on Friday, Nov. 4 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The event will be held under the theme “Endless Opportunities, Discover Your Possibilities”.

The ministry said the purpose of the expo is to showcase the exciting and appealing career opportunities within the tourism and hospitality industry.

“The industry is a dynamic and vibrant sector with endless job opportunities, it is the ministry’s hope that students would be inspired and encouraged to choose tourism and hospitality careers after attending the Career Expo.

“The four elements of the tourism product, accommodation, attractions, accessibility and amenities, will be highlighted at the expo, which will also give students the chance to garner information from experts in the field.

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There will be displays from 28 stakeholders, including Exquisite’s Design, Bamboo Spa, Going Places Travel, Mustique Airways, Grenadines House, Beachcombers Hotel.

Also, students can expect: career chats with industry experts, CV writing, photo booth, wedding show, prizes and giveaways and interview preparation.

The ministry says it is inviting all students and persons interesting in the hospitality and tourism industry throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines to participate in the 2nd Tourism and Hospitality Career Expo.

3 replies on “Second tourism career expo on Friday”

  1. Kenton, I hope you will follow-up to see how effective this session was and will be. I wish they could do something similar with agriculture. You can encourage students to get involved by giving a pig here, a goat there, and a calf over there. I am sure several have access to farming properties and can be encourage utilizing the land by planting crops. It’s a much easier vehicle than tourism, especially since that’s on the decline in SVG.

    1. Dear Skeckpalmer, I do not believe the Government want farming as an option considering the great lengths they went to in destroying it. It is now officially replaced with tourism.

      May I suggest there should be a national farming day or even week when all farmers come together in Kingstown outside the financial complex or outside parliament when it is meeting all wearing black arm bands and black funeral clothes. Marching to a brass band playing funeral music.

      Placards should be carried telling the world how this government destroyed agriculture. Local, regional and international journalists and TV companies should be invited under the leadership of Kenton X Chance.

      Despite all the occasional window dressing by the government and the minister they have proved themselves as incapable in resurrecting and restoring agriculture which the are guilty of destroying.

      Prior to the December 2015 General Elections the prime minister made a pledge to replant 2000 acres of bananas. Now almost 12 months later they have failed to replant even 1 acre. That turned out to be an untruth designed to capture once again the vulnerable farmers minds and have them vote for something that was never going to be. Once again tricked and lied to. It is most obvious there was no intention to plant that 2000 acres because there was no provision for such a project in the budget f after the election.

      Unfortunately the farmers are naive and lack the education their children have. But the children’s minds are now poisoned against agriculture in favour of the sciences, our education system has seen to that.

      Skeck I appreciate that you are the only one of all the commentators who frequent this site who actually cares.

  2. I think this is is wonderful initiative because the youngsters can use what the learn on other islands.

    The biggest problem with Vincentians in the tourism industry is attitude, Vincentian in general have a bad attitude.

    People like Digicel and Flow have been doing some good training in attitude, despite the fact that some employees just cannot help slipping backwards sometimes.

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