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The deceased, Victor Scott.
The deceased, Victor Scott.

A 42-year-old Sion Hill man was shot and killed Friday night by unknown assailants on the property of a neighbour, where a shop, which was closed at the time, is also located.

The man has been identified as Victor Scott, a painter.

The owner of the property where the shooting took place in the area of Sion Hill called Mountain Cabbage, asked not to be identified in this story.

She told iWitness NEWs that she was reading a newspaper and listening to the radio sometime before 10 p.m. Friday when she heard an explosion outside.

She told iWitness News she did not go or look outside to see what it was, but wondered if it was the transformer on the utility pole nearby, where workers had been doing some work earlier in the day.

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The woman, however, said that she realised that this could not have been the case since the electricity was still on at her house.

She said she also thought that the explosion might have been a firecracker that went off as part of All Soul’s and Guy Fawkes celebrations.

“But this one here was powerful,” she told iWitness News, adding that she asked her son if he had heard the explosion.

The woman said she continued reading the newspaper and later, as they were getting ready for bed sometime after 11 p.m., her son went to fix the curtain.

It was then that he saw a man lying under the canopy that adjoins the shop.

The woman told iWitness News that her son told her that it seemed like the man was dead and that she should call the police.

The shooting took place under this canopy adjoining a shop in Mountain Cabbage, Sion Hill. (IWN photo)
The shooting took place under this canopy adjoining a shop in Mountain Cabbage, Sion Hill. (IWN photo)

The woman said she saw the slippers that the man was wearing looked like one that her neighbour used to wear and she called his relatives, who identified him.

The woman said that while the shop was closed at the time of the shooting, people sometimes go under the canopy to shelter rain or to relax.

She said she could think of no reason why someone would want to kill the man or to commit the crime on her property.

The woman said that she was scared that such a crime was committed there, but does not think that it would affect her business.

Meanwhile, Kerwin Scott, younger brother of the dead man said he was sleeping when he heard a police officer outside the house.

“I got up because I wanted to know what’s going on. I didn’t know it was my brother who had gotten shot just above me by the shop there. I can’t believe this. Seriously. I can’t believe this,” Scott told iWitness News shortly after police and funeral home workers had removed his brother’s body from the scene.

“My brother, I don’t know who would want to do this to him…” he said, adding that his brother was father of four children.