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Neither the public notices broadcast via the media nor the drums on site were enough to stop this motorist from driving across on Friday the section of the Windward Highway at Argyle that has been closed to vehicular traffic.

The Ministry of Transport and Works closed the road on Thursday after it collapses as a result of earth movement in the area, the second time in two years.

Below are some photos of the area taken on Friday.


The Area Between The Road And The Argyle International Airport, Where The Earth Movement Is Taking Place. (Iwn Photo)
The area between the road and the argyle international airport, where the earth movement is taking place. (iwn photo)
This Large Crack Has Completely Severed The Road. (Iwn Photo)
This large crack has completely severed the road. (iwn photo)
There Are Large Cracks In Some Parts Of The Road. (Iwn Photo)
There are large cracks in some parts of the road. (iwn photo)
There Are Also Large Cracks In The Soil Below The Raod. (Iwn Photo)
There are also large cracks in the soil below the road. (iwn photo)
Water Was Continuously Flowing Down Towards The Airport, Flooding And Also Depositing Mud Onto A Section Of The Apron. (Iwn Photo)
Water was continuously flowing down towards the airport, flooding and also depositing mud onto a section of the apron. (iwn photo)


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