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The opposition New Democratic Party's office in Sandy Bay was damaged in the floods. (INW photo)
The opposition New Democratic Party’s office in Sandy Bay was damaged in the floods. (INW photo)
MG 0547 Sandy Bay
This operator this tractor escaped without injury when it overturned in London, North Windward on Sunday. (IWN photo)
MG 0484 Sandy Bay
This car was parked near to a business place that was damaged extensively when a river overflowed its banks and destroyed and damaged several houses in Sandy Bay. (IWN photo)
MG 0473 Sandy Bay
Sandy Bay residents sit and survey last Sanday the damaged left by the trough system, which destroyed and damaged several houses in the area where they are sitting. (IWN photo)
MG 0467 Sandy Bay
A man salvages a galvanise sheet from the roof of one of the houses that were destroyed in Sandy Bay. (WIN photo)

MG 0454 Sandy Bay
This retaining wall near the New Democratic Party’s constituency office in Sandy Bay collapsed, creating a danger to motorist and other road users. (IWN photo)
MG 0430 Sandy Bay
This photo of a property in Sandy Bay illustrates the amount of soil that was deposited on private properties in one section of the North Windward community. (IWN photo)
MG 0411 Sandy Bay
Rainwater cut these tracks along this hillside and deposited large amounts of soil onto the road and properties below. (IWN photo)
MG 0419 Sandy Bay
A tractor clears the road of soil deposited there from the rainwater that cut tracks into the hillside above. (IWN photo)
MG 0396 Sandy Bay
Central Water and Sewerage Authority employees worked throughout the weekend to restore water to the affected communities. (IWN photo)
MG 0377 Sandy Bay
Rainwater triggered this huge landslide along the banks of this 200-foot chasm in North Windward. (IWN photo)
MG 0374 Sandy Bay
The landslide was triggered after the road was blocked with debris washed down from the mountain. (IWN photo)
MG 0367 Sandy Bay
Another view of the area where the large landslide took place. (IWN photo)
MG 0360 Sandy Bay
Vehicles navigate their way along a makeshift bypass, where debris blocked the road and rainwater triggered a large landslide in North Windward. (IWN photo)
Sandy Bay
The area in Sandy Bay where the houses were destroyed. (IWN photo)


Sandy Bay 2
Several houses were located in this area before the trough system. (IWN photo)
Scores of persons were forced into emergency shelters after their homes were destroyed. Here, some of them play basketball at the Sandy Bay Gov’t School on Sunday. (IWN photo)
MG 0515 Sandy Bay
Omari Hoyte shows the level that flood waters rose outside this building where he and his brother has a business and his uncle lived with his family. Hoyte’s uncle and his family had to be rescued during the passage of the trough system. (IWN photo)

Villagers recount narrow escapes as river destroys houses in Sandy Bay (+Videos)

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