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Police Investigation

This country recorded another homicide Monday evening when Rose Place resident Jasman “Crab” Charles died after he was stabbed.

Reports are that Charles was involved in an altercation with two women at Rose Place Monday evening. During the altercation, he sustained a stab wound to his chest and was rushed to the nearby Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

He died shortly after he arrived at the hospital.

Charles, believed to be about 63 years old, had a long history of law-breaking.
Police are investigating the circumstances of his death.

If his death is treated as murder, it will be the 35th reported murder so far this year.

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One reply on “Rose Place resident dies after being stabbed”

  1. What do you mean if his death is treated as murder? He died didn’t he? This crap about “known to police” is no excuse to kill anyone. Are you going to call this self defense?

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