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Police Force

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A prominent detective attached to the Financial Intelligence Unit is among police officers who have been promoted.

The police high command will soon announce to the rank and file that 518 Sergeant Pedro Harry is among five persons who have been made station sergeants. The other four include 549 Chaterine Robinson of the Narcotic Unit.

Sergeants 488 Grafton Samuel, 375 Sylvester John, and 93 Dwayne Bailey have moved up one rank to station sergeant, a well-placed source has told iWitness News.

The Police Service Commissions approved the appointment on promotion, with effect from Nov. 23, 2016 the source said of the promotions, which were circulated to all gazetted police offiers on Wednesday.

One assistant superintendent of police, Envill William, has been promoted to superintend of police.

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Station Sergeants John Ballah, Garfield Thomas, Carmel Craigg, and Sherol Lee-James have been promoted to the rank of inspector.

In the Fire Brigade, Sergeant 22 Michel Bess has been promoted to station sergeant, while Corporal 329 Bertram Jack will be promoted to sergeant. Constables 654 Kenton Pope, 453 Glendon Davis, and 67 Trevor Grant will become corporals.

In the Coast Guard Service, Leading Seaman 623 Davis Lewis and 699 Damian Franklyn have been promoted to petty officers.

Leading Seaman 753 Melita Brown will act as a petty officer.

Acting leading seaman 721 Brenda Durrant and 376 Cosmos Peter have been confirmed in that rank, while Able Seaman 633 Marlon Simon have been promoted to that rank.

Able Seaman 838 Shefika Diamond will act as a leading seaman.

In the area of general administration, six acting sergeants have been confirmed in that rank. They are 315 Meldon James, 264 Dwight Matthews, 111 Daniel Robertson, 151 Juliana Morgans, 560 Olsen Rodney, 669 Keon Graham.

Also, 14 acting corporals have been confirmed in that rank. They are 355 Roland Browne, 546 Godwion Charles, 385 Clifton Jacobs, 519 Suzetta Rogers, 567 Delroy Tittle, 508 Irackie Mayers, 50 Hakem Smart, 272 Chris John, 7 Wendell Corridon, 97 Sharon John, 142 Andella Castello-Byron, 114 Marlon France, 260 Thaddeus Bushay, and 563 Alex Primus.

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