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(New Year message by the Democratic Republican Party)

Thank God for bringing us to 2017 by His grace. The D.R.P. pledges to work for the rekindling of hope for SVG.

Last year ended with much public discussion about the sad reality of Vincentian workers’ plight, being denied their just economic rewards for labour. We also lamented the increase in crime, namely homicides, in 2016 and other human suffering resulting from unavoidable disasters. Many are discouraged at such conditions. Concerning crime and social injustices, the cause is humanity’s deteriorating personality traits (2 Timothy 3:1-5), resulting in disrespect for the inalienable/God-given rights and freedoms of each other. In all human relations, wickedness meted out to victims by the perpetrators (in whatever sphere) all derive from the state of the unconverted mind of mankind.

The only lasting HOPE is a spiritual one; conversion of the lawless, selfish heart to the pure and lovely character of Jesus Christ, whose teaching to love God and love your neighbour enjoins respect for human rights and freedoms endowed to all by the Creator God. In an imperfect world however, where all do not choose this good path, God sets up governments to safeguard the people from infringements of those rights and freedoms, including to punish those who do evil (not those who do good)-Romans 13:1-4. To fulfil this purpose government must be founded on the right set of core values. Firstly, they must believe that the rights and freedoms of the people of which they are the protectorate, are INALIENABLE-or come from God and INVIOLABLE or not to be violated (except in some cases and after due process of law-example the death penalty for proven murder). Secondly and by extension, they must reject the view that human rights and freedoms come from government, from nature, from the majority or an elite minority, from the legislature or from man. The DRP emphasizes the former values system-REPUBLICANISM- as the best form of governance to give hope and ensure SERVING THE PEROPLE of S.V.G.

“Republicanism is a political values system that has been a major part of American civic thought since its founding. It stresses liberty and unalienable individual rights as central values, making people sovereign as a whole, rejects monarchy, aristocracy and inherited political power, expects citizens to be independent in their performance of civic duties, and vilifies corruption. American republicanism was founded and first practised by the Founding Fathers in the 18th century. For them, according to one team of historians, “republicanism represented more than a particular form of government. It was a way of life, a core ideology, an uncompromising commitment to liberty, and a total rejection of aristocracy.”-Wikipedia. So much this is true, early presidents and founding fathers of the Constitutional REPUBLIC (not a majoritarian democracy) of the United States of America, regardless of their political party, believed these self-evident truths for the sustenance of their Republic’s function of guaranteeing protection for their people’s rights and freedoms. In 1801 Democratic Republican party U.S. president (3rd President) Thomas Jefferson said, “The republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind”. One hundred and sixty years later, Democratic Party U.S. President of 1961 John F. Kennedy said, “The rights of man come not from the generosity of the state but from the hands of God.” In sum, Republicanism emphasises: Rights and Freedoms Protection, Equal Protection of ALL under law, Freedom from Tyranny, Security for majorities as well as minorities, the Importance and self-determination of the individual, Freedom of the individual and the Rule of rights and freedoms.

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The opposite is COMMUNISM (whether dubbed socialism, Fabianism, social democracy, democratic socialism- they are all the same communism wolf in sheep clothing). Marx and Engels in their Communist Manifesto are clear that critics of their theory have rightly accused them of holding the position of, “abolition of private property”, “the desire of abolishing the right of personally acquiring property as the fruit of a man’s own labour, which property is alleged to be the groundwork of all personal freedom, activity and independence” and that while “there are, besides, eternal truths, such as Freedom, Justice, etc…that are common to all states of society.” that “Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality…” (Quotes from the Communist Manifesto). Make no mistake Vincentians, all our social and political problems come from communist principles in the minds of people; that is anti-rights and freedoms mental positions which cause misbehaviour in society (social relations, politics etc.) Whenever a government fails to protect your God-given rights and freedoms, fails to even believe that they come from God and that they have a sacred duty to work for their protection always, the people mourn and that government has failed. Real hope is first in God to show you His love and teach you to love your fellowmen. Then you can hope in an improved Vincentian social and political situation when you elect DRP minded representatives who will bring new hope from our service to you, with sacred regard for your God-given rights and freedoms as God ordained governments to do. I hope with you for that opportunity in elected government someday soon and will continue to educate you to wake up, sons and daughters of liberty! Assert your inalienable rights and freedoms of humanity!

Anesia O. Baptiste

Democratic Republican Party (DRP)