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A Rose Hall woman says she is genuinely afraid that a man who was jailed a number of years ago for killing someone will kill her if something is not done to protect her.

Nola Chambers, a 53-year-old farmer of Rose Hall, told iWitness News on Wednesday that the man has attacked her twice since September, the most recent being Tuesday night with a knife in her uncle’s shop.

She is appealing to the authorities to do something about the man, who she said is obsessed with her 22-year-old daughter and claims that he loves her.

Chambers told iWitness News that her problems with the man began a number of years ago when her daughter and only child was a student at the St. Joseph’s Convent in Kingstown.

“He said he loves here, he wants her. He is always telling her that he wants her, and telling people that he has to get her.

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“And the sickening thing is that people are saying that he said that he is going to kill me in order to get my daughter,” Chambers told iWitness News on Wednesday, one day after the man attacked her for a second time in the North Leeward village.

The first attack took place on Sept. 15, 2016.

Chambers, a farmer, said she was in her house preparing to take a shower when she heard a knock on the door. She said no one responded when she asked who it was so she went to check, as children often do not answer when they knock and she ask who was knocking.

She said she had a bath towel wrapped around her when she went to see who was knocking.

“When I opened the door, I just felt a hand around my throat,” Chambers said, adding that it was the man who had grabbed her.

“I had to fight with all the strength in my body, the woman said, adding that her attacker was trying enter the house.

“My daughter was wrapped in her towel also and she saw like he was starting to overcome me, she looked for a knife, she couldn’t find one. So when she looked, she saw the cutlass that I just brought home — because I do farming. So she took the cutlass and started beating him. So he got a couple chops in his face,” Chambers said.

She said neighbours responded to the commotion and restrained her attacker.

The woman told iWitness News that the police took a week to arrest the man. She said she was told that he was released on bail in December but she is not sure if that is the case, adding that the charge that the police brought against the man is still pending.

Chambers told iWitness News that she never saw the man after the attack until two days ago, Tuesday, Jan. 11.

She said she was talking to someone in the road when the man passed and “he just gave me this deadly stare.

“But I didn’t take him one because even [though] the inner part of me was intimidated, I didn’t show it outside.”

Chamber said she then went and sat between two guys and the man went along the bottom of the two roads in the area.

“He came back from the bottom road and he was talking to a next guy who was there and then he came up where we were sitting,” Chamber said, adding that she felt that the man was trying to intimidate her.

She said she got up and moved away for a while and one of the guys advised her to go to the police station and file a report, telling her not to take chances.

Chambers said she left and was on the way to the police station, the man came back onto the top road and called her name and giving her the gesture commonly interpreted to mean “wait and you will see” — a threat.

The woman said that while on the way to the police station, she decided to pass by her uncle’s stop to tell him about the development.

“When I am down there, he (The man) came after me,” Chambers said, adding that her instincts told her to open the door and go onto the shopkeeper’s side of the counter.

She said she then went into another area where her uncle, the shopkeeper, was eating. Chamber said she then told the man that he knows he is not supposed to interfere with her.

“The window was open so I go into the other room and called out to the JP (Justice of the Peace), but nobody answered.
“And as soon as I turned around, he (the attacker) just opened the door and rushed in and rushed right into the room I was and started fighting me. And then I saw he pulled this thing out, and when I looked, it was a knife. And he had it close to my chest and I had to pushed him as hard as possible to get him off.”

Chambers said she then called out to her relatives to help her, telling them that the man was attacking her with a knife.

She said her brother, cousin and other persons responded and they restrained the man and called the police.

Chambers said she filed a report with the police who took the man into custody.

She, however, said her relatives said they had seen the man walking free on Wednesday.

“I want my life; I honestly want my life. I honestly think that he would kill me, because, if he can do that in front of my uncle for a second time, that means he wants me dead,” Chambers lamented.

“And I don’t know what he would do the third time. He keeps telling people he would come on my farm and kill me. That is what people keep telling me today,” Chambers told iWitness News.

“I need to understand how come I don’t have any rights and he has all the rights, how could they have all the rights and we don’t have rights. “Because of the fact that he has some impairment, he can do anything and still get off of it. It was a serious thing yesterday and he is not going to stop. I know him very well. He is not going to stop until he kills me,” Chambers told iWitness News.

She said she would like the police to do something about the situation.

“I can’t understand. I need to be protected. My daughter is in college and I want her to be safe. She is my only child,” the woman said.

The man was charged with murder some years ago in connection with the stabbing death of another man. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter and served some time in jail.

In 2006, Shorn Samuel beheaded fellow Vermont, Stacy Wilson, at the Leeward Bus Terminal. Residents of the South Leeward village say that Samuel had a habit of harassing the 21-year-old woman before he killed her. He was convicted of murder in the case.

5 replies on “Woman fears convicted killer who attacked her twice will murder her”

  1. This man needs to be sent by the Court to the Psychiatric Hospital for an evaluation and confinement, why wait until he kills the woman? Intervention is necessary now!

  2. Dr. Dexter Lewis says:

    2 Things
    (1) What is the telephone number for the Rose Hall police + those “responsible” in Kingstown?
    (2) Is Shorn Samuel the person involved in this story?

  3. Clearly a potentially dangerous situation, in which the police need to get handled with due haste. If what this lady is saying is the gospel truth, then it seems to me there is sufficient cause to charge this fool with a crime and get him off the streets; assault with a deadly weapon? Smh.

    Now, as Dr Lewis pointed out, what is the connection of Shorn Samuel to this story? Mr Chance, you are doing a great disservice to your wonderful and informative news site with these unnecessary attempts to sensationalized your storyline. There was no need whatsoever to include the last paragraph, it added absolutely nothing to the main story. All it did, was just to upset family and friends, reminding them of the brutal manner in which their loved one passed away. You have conquered the interest of Vincentians home and abroad, you are now the #1 news site for all things Vincy. Let’s not ruin a good thing.

  4. Kenton was right to show the similarity in the Samuel case and what’s happening now. That’s all there is to his document. Women are unprotected in SVG and that’s rampant, so don’t blame Kenton for illustrating what’s happening. It beats me why her uncle and brother didn’t damage this guy. He should be using a wheel chair to get around. You don’t leave these guys standing. The judge should have a restraining order against him, so that he keeps 50 or even a hundred yards away from this woman.
    On the other hand she should always walk with some pepper spray to defend herself[…] The police always use the excuse, “they were afraid for their lives”, when they execute someone. She can do the same.

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