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Randy Shallow And Freikesha Douglas

Randy Shallow, left, and Freikesha Douglas are being tried in connection with the guns and ammunition. (iWN photos)

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A Lowmans Hill man and his girlfriend have been charged with eight counts of gun and ammunition possession in connection with the cache of guns and ammunition that police found in that West Kingstown community on Wednesday.

Randy Shallow and Freikesha Douglas pleaded not guilty and were each granted bail in the sum of EC$45,000 when they appeared before Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias at the Serious Offences Court on Friday.

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They were each charged that on Jan. 18, 2017 at Lowmans Hill, they:

  • had in their possession one Glock 9mm pistol without a licence;
  • had in their possession one .38 revolver without a licence;
  • had in their possession a prohibited weapon, to wit one submachine gun without a licence;
  • had in their possession a component of a prohibited weapon, to wit, a magazine of an AK-47;
  • had in their possession one round of 7.62 ammunition without a licence;
  • had in their possession one round of .38 ammunition without a licence;
  • had in their possession 42 rounds of 9mm ammunition without a licence;
  • and had in their possession 14 rounds of .40mm ammunition without a licence.
Randy Shallow And Freikesha Douglas 2
Shallow and douglas hide their faces after leaving the serious offences court on friday. (iwn photo)

Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delpleshce did not object to bail but asked the chief magistrate for sufficient surety and that the accused surrender all their travel documents, including national ID cards and drivers licences, to the court and that permission be obtained from the court before the defendants are allowed to leave the country.

He also asked that the defendants be ordered to report to police three times a week and that stop notices be placed at all ports of entry and exit in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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Delplesche also asked the court to grant sufficient time for the files to be properly prepared and perused before the next hearing.

The magistrate granted the prosecution’s wishes and ordered that the accused report to the Questelles Police Station three times a week.

The next hearing in the matter is Jan. 26.

No one had come to sign the bail bonds by the time the court adjourned around 10:15 a.m.

Lawyer Grant Connell is representing both accused.

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  1. Avatar Of Nonpartisanthinkernonpartisanthinker says:

    question.. was it really wise to put these folks on bail given the amount of ammunition [allegedly] found in their possession??? what if they have more that wasn’t found and they were actually set out to do a job??? i am also worried about that folks who are out on ammunition charges are gunned down before the next court hearing………………

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