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I have begun to wonder what is the purpose of the 10-foot wall which is snaking its way through Bequia’s beautiful Friendship valley. Can it be for an aesthetic reason, to beautify our environment? Well, it’s remarkably ugly, a scar on the landscape, so it can’t be that.

Perhaps there is some ecological reason like the dykes of Holland holding back the sea. But no, we have never had any problem with the sea in Friendship, so it can’t be that.

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If it isn’t an aesthetic or ecological reason, one wonders on what grounds Planning permission was applied for and granted.

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Maybe, like the Great Wall of China, it is being built to keep out the Barbarians or like Hadrian’s Wall to exclude the Scots. But as far as I know, there are no Barbarians around and only a handful of Scots, so it can’t be that.

Bequia Wall 1I know–it must be like the Berlin Wall meant to divide a country in half. Is two Bequia’s better than one? No zoning proposed or agreed to, so it can’t be that.

We are left only with the inspiration of Trump’s Wall as a reason — to exclude the unworthy. However, I am not sure on which side of the wall the unworthy will be.   A puzzlement really! Perhaps Physical Planning can enlighten me.


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One reply on “A Trump Wall in Bequia?”

  1. Is this wall preventing beach access or otherwise encroaching on public land? If it is being erected on private land without doing either of these things, then mind your own damn business!

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