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Gerald Gouveia, manager of Roraima Airways. (iWN file photo)
Gerald Gouveia, manager of Roraima Airways. (iWN file photo)
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The Guyanese businessman who will bring a chartered Dynamic Airways flight to St. Vincent for the Feb. 14 opening of the Argyle International Airport has defended his company amidst reports that someone is giving his employees cocaine to ship out of Guyana.

“We have a system where we screen all of our staff. From time to time, there are members of the staff that could be enticed and when we find them, they are put in the hands of the police and they are fired,” Gerald Gouveia, manager of Roraima Airways told iWitness News on Saturday.

“And I think the last incident we had, during the investigation, we identified one of the young people and we put them in the hand of the police and fired them,” he said.

While Roraima owns small aircraft that it uses for charter operations in Guyana and to other Caribbean countries, the company also charters Dynamic Airways, another charter airline that owns 767 jets to travel between New York and Guyana.

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Gouveia, who is planning to set up a Roraima Airways hub at Argyle International Airport, says he will land a chartered Dynamic Airways flight from New York at Argyle on Feb. 14 before the flight goes to Guyana.

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An EasySky flight that Gouveia is chartering from Cuba to Guyana will also make a stop at Argyle on Feb. 14.

In a Feb. 24, 2016 commentary titled “Someone is giving cocaine to Gerry Gouveia’s employees”, Guyanese commentator Freddie Kissoon pointed out that in 2012, a Roraima Airways security officer was charged with cocaine found among food items to be used on the plane.

“As a result of that, Mr. Gouveia set up a private committee to investigate the flaws in the system that allowed the Roraima employee to stash the drugs in the food,” Kissoon said.

The committee, which was headed by Guyanese parliamentarian and lawyer, James Bond, presented their findings to Gouveia on Oct. 8, 2012.

However, in February 2016, the police were looking for another Roraima security staff member who is on the run after American drug officials found cocaine on a Dynamic Airways flight at JFK Airport.

Three customs officers were charged in connection with that find.

“From what is reported, the customs officials admitted they were bribed. Someone is giving Gerry Gouveia’s employees cocaine to ship out. And it would seem that the recommendations handed in to Gouveia by the Guyanese 007 have not worked,” Kissoon wrote.

Speaking on Boom FM on Friday, Gouveia said:

“There has been no mass cocaine on Dynamic… There might have been one or two, but this is no cocaine flight. But people always try to get it on these planes, it happens all over the world, but we have aviation security system…”

Roraima boss’ ‘entrepreneurial nose’ led him to Argyle Airport

17 replies on “Dynamic Airways ‘is no cocaine flight,’ says Roraima boss”

  1. We all hope that this time our government has done some due diligence. We have to see if our government ever is able to get rid of the Clinton Foundation since they are now more and more being uncovered to be a on the other side of law and ethics. A month ago the CEO fled to Russia and asked for protection and immunity. Possible he knows how many dead bodies the Clintons are responsible for. Just a few months ago Seth Rich and John Ash are believed to be the “wet work” of the Clintons since they knew so much about Hillary and were believed to be going public.

    1. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet (including my postings) because some 99 percent is pure bullshit. Every assertion anyone makes, especially the one’s you list here, must be both verified and verifiable before they can be accept as accurate.

      There is an old expression worth following:

      “Believe nothing of what you hear (or read), half of what you see [a lot of what you see can be fabricated], and all of what you know.”

      1. All true! Most all the information on the corruption of the Clintons has proven to be true. Ever since Governor Bill Clinton was involved with the Bush family in the drug running to Central America. It should also be noted that the M16s without serial numbers they were giving the rebels were also being made in Arkansas. Bill may have been involved with that too. I certainly do not believe everything I read anywhere. I believe most all info that you present is accurate, although some may not apply to SVG. I can promise you the Clintons are very corrupt. I used to know many people in the US Government when I was in the US Government, including Sidney Blumenthal, close friend of Hillary. I can tell you things that would really shock you!

  2. A month ago the CEO (of the Clinton Foundation) fled to Russia and asked for protection and immunity – !??
    I read that and wondered how I could have missed that one – surely something like that must have been widely reported? Then remembered reports of “fake news” on social media sites, and also various emails I have from time to time received with dubious information. So decided to do a search for “former CEO of Clinton Foundation fells to Russia” and sure enough I got w number of websites that I know fact check “news stories”.
    a) this story originated not a month ago but in October 2016;
    b) none of the sites I visited verified the story. The nearest to “verification” was a site which said (in Oct 2016) that “there is a rumor” and having reported all that is rumored given that “the scenario remains a possibility” concludes by asking “Is Braverman hiding in Russia? I don’t know” As the writer of this piece flows that with the satment that people who betray the Clintons have “a nasty habit of dying young and in unexplained circumstances” I take it that the writer is NOT a fan of the Clintons ( the writer does not itemise the people who have died)
    Then I went to which has a god record I’d factchecking. Snows identifed the source of the story as which it said “had perpetuated a number of baseless Clinton conspiracy theories during the 2016 election campaign stating the hacker Guccifer, DNC staffer Seth Rich, UN official John Ashe,and the father of a physician purportedly responsible for leaking Hilary Clinton’s (falsified) health records were killed off by her shadowy operatives”. Presumably these are among the unspecified persons who had the “nasty habit of dying young” – see TheBlackSphere above.
    Finally, Snopes said that said former CEO was reported to have taken a new job – and Snopes provided a link to the journal carrying the report – The Silicon Valley Business Journal of January 18, 2017. Which has a headline – EXCLUSIVE: Ex Clinton Foundation CEO to head Eric Schmidt’ S philanthropies” Which doesn’t sound as I’d Mr Braverman is in Moscow.
    Now – Gerry Gouveia. Yes indeed he is a Guyanese entrepreneur. And yes indeed he works with Dynamic Airways. And yes, he does have some good ideas about providing more links between Guyana and the rest of Caricom. BUT Dynamic Airways has a regrettable reputation in Guyana for leaving passengers stranded. And as this IWN article points out, his company has had a number of problems with drug smuggling (and not his company alone. Guyana is a way station for drugs originating in western South America. And before anyone gets around to deciding that I say this because I am a liberal and/ or radical and/ or conservative – all of which I have at one time or another been said to be, (possibly because I am actually neither one nor the other) may I just point out that I am a Guyanese by birth, that I still hold a Guyanese passport and that I am, as I write this, in Guyana. And I do follow Guyanese news on the internet wherever I am

    1. Nice investigative journalism.

      Pat Commissiong, we badly need to hear more from you, including the writing of essays, on this site!

    2. Yes, his name is Eric Braverman. You should not believe everything you hear on the Corporate-sponsored media. They have an agenda. Nor should you believe everything on the independent media. Because CNN or some other fake news organization says something does not make it true, otherwise you will believe Hillary has 80% of the vote and Saddam has Nuclear Weapons, Russia has attacked the Crimea, Trump is building a Death Star, Trump hates Blacks, Trump hates Hispanics, Trump hates Gays, Trump hates Women, Trump hates Muslims, Trump hates and hates and hates. etc… Ask yourself why is it that none of Trump supporters are kidnaping and beating mentally impaired people, they are not burning cars and smashing windows. Who are the haters? You may just be brainwashing yourself into stupidity.

    3. I have never heard of the Blacksphere. A short take is found on “PM Nightly News” 25 October but there are at least 20 other sources I have seen. Of course the Corporate Media will never report this because, as you see from the election, the fake news are friends of the Clintons. You should look for more reliable news sources that are not financially beholden to the “establishment”. Otherwise you will never find the truth. Please look up “The Clinton Dead Body Count” to start getting an idea of who your heroes really are. How many of Bill Clinton’s body Guards committed Suicide? Wow, how is it that he employed so many unstable people?…or were they unstable?

  3. Patrick Ferrari says:

    At least when Ames was limping along, he was limping along pun his own, mostly. Hide-up in Buccament. But this Ames/2 is plum in we face, dread. We airport hanging pun he.

    Comrade, boy, you bess tell you point-man Boy Beache to look sharp and get a stopgap ready.

    Is what do we? Kill priest? Why we cyarn attract a better calibre? Ames; now this?

    Listen to the man: “And I think the last (cocaine) incident we had …” Mudder. So, there was some before. Is how much so? How much before “the last,” mister man?

    “… we identified one of the young people …” Only one? Not the others? And how I read it, the “we” in “we identified” is Gouveia’s “private committee,” headed by a “parliamentarian and lawyer.” I know them kind. Sorry.

    “There has been no mass cocaine on Dynamic …” Who determines how much is mass? Dynamic? Is “mass” the cut-off. Then, is less than the cut-off okay with Dynamic, which is why he specified “mass”? That is my conjecture.

    “There has been no mass cocaine on Dynamic … There might have been one or two” what, mass halls? “but this is no cocaine flight.” Riiight, Gouveia. If you say so, muh man. I believe you because I heard it from you.

    “… it happens all over the world …” So, let we follow the entrepreneurial nose and jump on the bandwagon.

    In the world of opera, Gouveia’s is what you’d call a grand entrance and Dynamic Airways may well be our baptism by fire.

    Yes Comrade, doan wait pun Beache. He just jerking you around. Get the stopgap work way yoself.

    1. Had a chat with a bloke I briefly met a couple of days ago — a well know individual — who opined that all all our developmental woes flow from the top, i.e., from poor decision-making in the PM’s office.

      My reply was that although there may be some or even much of this, the really big problems flow from the very bottom of our society, i.e., from the nature of our developmental potential.

      In other words, beggars can’t be choosers: Gouveia deserves us and we deserve Gouveia.

      Ames deserved us and we deserved Ames.

      Dr. Rolla deserved us …. etc., etc…

      The elementary fact that our mainland has very little developmental potential is an almost impossible one for any “patriotic” Vincentian — whether rich or poor, well educated or illiterate, black, brown, red, or white, man or woman — to accept despite the mountain of evidence showing that it is true.

      1. Sadly, you are right that we deserve these investors. As far as developmental potential. We have tremendous potential. The PM says we have few resources. The same PM that knows our Geo-thermal potential. We should ask him, what about our soils and growing climate. A good comparison is SVG to Singapore What resources do they have? Does he think SVG has less resources than other Caribbean nations that are much better off than we are? Singapore (in Asia)even has to import drinking water. Singapore is an example of smart leadership.
        YOU HAVE TO PLAY THE HAND THAT WAS DEALT TO YOU. Our leadership instead tries to play the hand of our neighbors. Someone needs to tell them we are not Barbados, nor are we Venezuela or Grenada. We certainly do have major problems but we will continue to decline until the leadership discovers the source of those problems and address them accordingly. An example: much of our crime is a result of our bad economy where government has taken financial opportunity from the people. Do things correctly in our economy and eventually other problems will get solved….Rocket Science!

    2. You are right to be skeptical. On the other hand I wonder: if we don’t have these shady types investing in us, we won’t get anyone at all. Question is: How do we start attracting legitimate investors. Of course we first have to craft an attractive investment environment instead of our extremely high Corporate Income Tax, our astronomically high Customs Duties, our large percentage of “weak-minded” brain-washed population. Of course there is the very high crime rate, etc… Even if those things get fixed (don’t hold your breath on that) is it enough? If we improve in needed areas, when will viable investors begin to look at us as a place they would want to do business?

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