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One reply on “VIDEO: Camillo Gonsalves’ address at opening of Argyle Airport”

  1. Yesterday was surely a long-awaited day for every Vincentian, and Minister Gonsalves is certainly a compelling and attractive speaker. (But am I the only person who feels a twinge of sadness at the thought that “the mountains are gone”…?) Fortunately, they are not ALL gone!

    I have not seen any indications of how many passengers who arrived by air stayed in St. Vincent; how many were en route to somewhere else; how many were “diaspora” citizens returning home; or, in fact, any details about the composition, or the number, of departing and arriving passengers, or how well their arrival/departure/transit was managed at this new facility.

    I do understand that this is, at last, the “launching” of a great dream, and do not expect to see large numbers at this point. But it might be good to have a “starting point” at this initial date, so all may see the growth as it develops.

    Sending very best wishes to all!

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