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In recognition of the power, strength, grace, beauty and intellect of our women on this International Women’s Day.

She Is

By Marlon Bute


She is no good.

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She loves power.

She is ugly.

Her hair is nappy.

She is a boy.

She lacks grace.

They say, she is devoid of taste.

They say the worst things. They say she is no Christian. A traitor. Not to be trusted.


And, like a pack of hungry wolves, they growl; baring teeth, stained, from rotten meat.

With their nostrils flaring, their hearts thumping, their eye bulging, and finding nothing to devour;

They turn on each other, unable to contemplate, that though they would love to shred her to bits and pieces so that she is not known, erased even; they can’t. So, they snarl, drool, salivate, self-hate; she is beyond their reach.


She is refreshing, nourishing; she is quenching, soothing, like the morning dew, on the leaves, the grass, the plants; they sip of her goodness.

She is a preacher, a teacher, an orator, a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a mentor, a leader.

She is beautiful, with full lips, dark skin, kinky hair, strong hips.

She is talented, brilliant, and inquisitive.

She is fearless.


She is Anesia. She is Vynnette. She is Girlyn.  She is Rene. She is Judith. She is Luzette. She is Margaret. She is Michele. She is Nelcia.

She is Yvonne. She is Mamie Joshua. They are our women in politics, government, past and present, who give of self, in service. We must love, respect, cherish, encourage, congratulate, imitate, and embrace.


And, if we must criticise; question, doubt, second guess; we should so do, tastefully; positively, clearly, sensibly, rationally, justifiably.

Not to hate; mock, ridicule, tarnish, or impoverish of character; reputation, good spiritedness, fruitfulness.

For each one, needs one; to teach one, to support one, to serve one, to embrace one, to grow one, to enrich this blessed nation.


She is five. She is ten. She is fifteen. She is growing. She is watching. She is learning. She is hoping.

She is our child; to encourage, to protect, to teach, to nurture; to be a sister, a mother, a teacher, a mentor, a leader.


She is.

One reply on “She Is”

  1. Brown Boy USA says:

    To all my Vincentians mothers, grandmother, sisters and daughters, I say more power to you! You are the life line of our nations and this universe. May you continue to be the driving force of children and set the right foundation on which their future stands. Raise again and take your stands for our nation needs you now more than ever.

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