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Alvin Bacchus died when this car went over an embankment. (Photo: Hot97 SVG)
Alvin Bacchus died when this car went over an embankment. (Photo: Hot97 SVG)
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Alvin Bacchus
The deceased, Alvin Bacchus. (Photo: Facebook)

A man died in Ratho Mill during the pre-dawn hours of Monday morning when his car ran off the road.

Police say the dead man has been identified as Alvin Bacchus.

They said he died when the car ran off the road while travelling towards Kingstown around 3:30 a.m.

Bacchus, an artist and graduate of the St. Vincent Grammar School, is in his late 30s.

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One reply on “Artist dies as car runs off road”

  1. My condolences.
    How many more lives are going to be lost before the common-sense thing is done and guardrails be installed in SVG. New roads should not be completed without guardrails. Old roads should be installed with guardrails. The money that is being spent on enquiries and inquests after tragedies could be better spent on guardrails – You already know why the vehicles went of the road. Vincentians should start suing their government for exposing them to unsafe roads. It is the government responsibility to maintain safe roads, many of these deaths are unavoidable.
    Government officials (past and present) drive on these unsafe roads every day. What are they waiting for, hand-outs from Taiwan or some other countries to fix their problems? It is just pathetic.

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