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Windsor Primary

Students of the Windsor Primary School are engaging in a project that will demonstrate the usefulness of backyard gardening.

The project, which is in fulfilment of the students’ Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) course of study, started in December 2016. The crop that the students chose to demonstrate backyard gardening is local tomato plants. The five-member group of 11-year-old students, consisting of Genevieve McMaster, Mya DeFreitas, Andrew Cui, Karan Rajani and Treviane Bailey, planted, nurtured and observed the growth of local tomatoes with the hope that the economic benefits of homegrown fruits and vegetables can be shown to staff members, fellow students and the community.

The students will highlight benefits of backyard gardening by preparing a meal with the harvested tomatoes.

Benefits of backyard gardening include the ability of families to grow healthy food with minimal use of chemicals and toxins. Therefore, the students are encouraging the public to grow their own crops for a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

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