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The Vermont man who was shot and killed two weeks after being freed of a murder charge was buried in his hometown on Sunday in a funeral that was not made public.

Malcolm Pollin
The deceased, Malcolm Pollin.

About two dozen persons attended the funeral service for 52-year-old Malcolm Pollin, which reportedly took place at Ever-Ready Funeral Home in Kingstown before he was buried at the Penniston Cemetery, a source told iWitness News.

The source says that one of Pollin’s sisters claimed his body after it was released by the state.

She is believed to have paid for the funeral for the man whose death was celebrated in his agricultural district after he was gunned down on March 12.

Some residents of Vermont openly rejoiced as Pollin’s death, with one Vincentian in the diaspora saying on Facebook that his death was a “cleansing”.

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Sources say the open celebration and comments made about him in media interviews informed the decision not to publicise his funeral.

Among those who were not “invited” or informed of the funeral were some of the dead man’s close relatives.

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Pollin was released from police custody on Feb. 27, when the Crown told the Serious Offences Court, at the beginning of a preliminary inquiry, that they were not proceeding against him and Mark Weekes, 27, on a murder charge.

The two were among a group of men charged with the July 25, 2016 murder of Kamau Jones in Vermont. Jones, who is originally from Union Island, died after being chopped and shot in Vermont.

Among the persons who are still subjects of a preliminary inquiry into Jones’ death are Pollin’s son, 34-year-old Brydon Joseph. The other accused are Courtney Joseph, 28, and Shemei Joseph, 25.

Since Pollin’s death, a number of persons have taken to social media accusing him of being involved in the killing of their relatives.

Malcolm Pollin 2
Pollin was shot and killed in Vermont on March 12. (iWN photo)

Pollin was shot and killed by at least two masked assailants who attacked him at his home in Vermont.

He is believed to have been shot several times as he ran away from his attackers before collapsing on the public road in an area of Vermont known as Number 5.

Sources say that the wounded Pollin begged for his life before his attackers delivered the fatal shot.