Gerald Gouveia, manager of Roraima Airways. (iWN file photo)

By Patrick Ferrari


Where is or what has become of the sycophantic “Mr. Entrepreneurial Nose?” The in-our-face, big mouth politicking Guyanese, Captain Gerald Gouveia, who was all over the place — and the Prime Minister — in the run-up to Feb. 14?

He seems to believe that he has the inside track on everything business and Vincentian, to the point of denigrating “the Vincentian private sector,” pronouncing their business sense, “unfortunate”. Damn fresh and out of place. He said that he was “not aware,” — of their unfortunate business sense — so but somebody must’ve made him “aware”.

He has his fingers in so many airlines, where is he and them today? Wasn’t he with his band of Cuban shoppers going to make AIA — and St. Vincent and the Grenadines?

I appreciate these things take time but he had the jump with his (politicking) “red and white 767 parked on this runway on Valentine’s Day”. So, after belittling the private sector with having a cowardly (politicking) “wait and see approach to the airport,” where is his big, brave, “entrepreneurial” follow through now that Ralph and Beache needs him — desperately, maybe. Like yesterday?

Gouveia came in like a firestorm and fizzed out as quickly. I’m wondering: was he a prop for the opening — and threw in a pitch for the “Black Sands Resort” as a lagniappe. (Like, hell, I am here already. Might as well.)

I repeat, I know these things take time but Beache (who in 2012 had had everybody in the bag — or so he said) has been at it for six, seven years and at the opening, Gouveia’s ball was already rolling. It is like

(Not connected to the above. I’ll be going to Florida on the April 20. It is costing me US$649.06. LIAT is US$295.80 and JetBlue $353.26.)

Roraima boss’ ‘entrepreneurial nose’ led him to Argyle Airport

Guyanese firm hopes to land Cuban shoppers at Argyle on Feb. 14

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