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Consumers across St. Vincent and the Grenadines are, from today (Wednesday), paying more for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), known commonly as “cooking gas”.

However, the highest increase is on LPG bottled by the state-owned company, PetroCaribe, which had been touted as a competitive and cheaper alternative.

The increases will affect consumer regardless of where they purchase their LPG across the country, including in the Grenadines.

There is an EC$3.70 increase on the 20lb cylinder of LPG in all districts of the country, which for the purpose of LPG pricing, is divided into four areas.

They are as followings:

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Area 1: Kingstown to Campden Park, and Kingstown to Arnos Vale.

Area 2: Beyond Campden Park to Keartons, and Villa to Langley Park.

Area 3: Beyond Langley Park to Fancy, beyond Keartons to Richmond.

Area 4: The Grenadines

NEw LPG prices
The old and new LPG prices. (iWN photo)

According to the new prices announced by the government, a 20lb cylinder of gas, based should not be sold for more thanEC$36.60, EC$37.60, EC$38.60 and $41.60 in the respective areas.

There is, however, no uniformed increase in the price of “Labour Gas”, the 22lb cylinder of LPG bottled by PetroCaribe, a state-owned company.

Before the increase, consumers in all areas of the country paid EC$29 dollars per cylinder.

However, as of Wednesday, they will have to pay EC$4.50 more in Area 1, EC$5.50 more in Area 2, EC$6.50 more in area 3 and EC$9.50 more in Area 4, according to figures obtained by iWitness News from the Ministry of Trade on Wednesday.

The state-owned Agency for Public Information announced the new prices on Tuesday but did not indicate whether the revisions were upwards or downwards

Price increases have also been announced for the 100lb cylinder, which has been increased by EC$18.65 in all area, the new price being EC$178.10 in areas 1, 2, and 3, and EC$199.10 in Area 4.

However, the 95lb cylinders bottled by PetroCaribe has increase by EC$7 in Areas 1, 2, and 3, retailing now for EC$145.

In the Grenadines, however, the increase is EC$28, with the new price being EC$199.10.

The new prices have been set under the Price and Distribution of Good Act.

The government has noted that Under the Price and Distribution of Goods Act (Cap 161), no person shall sell, buy, or agree to sell or buy any goods at a price greater than the maximum fixed price of that good.

Any person who contravenes this provision is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine of not less than EC$1,500 but not more than EC$3,000.

Also, under this Act, sellers are obligated to provide to customers, once requested, a receipt or delivery slip showing the date of sale, quantity and type (20lb, 22lb, etc.) of LPG cylinder sold, and the price charged.

Any person who contravenes or fails to comply with this provision is guilty of an offence.