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Checked By Aia

One of two tags that the passenger found in her luggage.

The Argyle International Airport (AIA), on Monday, said it will launch an investigation after a report by a passenger that a number of items were missing from her luggage after a flight to Canada, via Bridgetown.

The investigation has been launched amidst multiple claims by passengers using the airport, which opened in February, that a number of items have gone missing from their luggage after flying out of St. Vincent via the airport.Keisha Robinson, a Vincentian living in Canada for 12 years, said that her wedding ring, EC$200 in cash, nine panties were among the items missing from her bag.

The other items were a pair of Nike shoes, two pairs of jeans, one dress, one purse, a pair of sandals, a pair of flats, and four bottles of Sunset Rum.

In an email sent to AIA on Sunday, Keisha Robinson, a Vincentian living in Canada, said that she took a flight from AIA to Barbados on Friday, July 14, and from Barbados to Toronto.

She was returning to Canada after coming home for the first time in 12 years.

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Robinson, a law student in Toronto, said that she left St. Vincent on LIAT flight LI371, the first flight of the day. From Barbados, she flew on Air Canada flight AC 1715 at 2:35 p.m. to Toronto.

“Upon my arrival to Barbados I had to check my luggage onto air Canada and was in such a hurry I didn’t notice my bags until I got to Toronto. Where my bags lock were taken off and tamped with. Which lead to missing items that was stolen from my check luggage on a plane, which was supposed to secure passengers items. I notice a document in my check luggage, which stated it, was inspected by SVG inspected without my permission or in my present (sic),” Robinson said in the email.

She said she understands that “if I had any illegal substances in my bag you would check my bag with my present (sic) and removed it. Which I never had any illegal substances or brought anything am very disappointed and not happy with this matter and would like some form of justice. As these items that was taken from me was very precious as my wedding band amount (sic) those items.”

Robinson said she wished to have the items returned to her as soon “as possible as this is really unacceptable”.

In an email response on Monday, Arlette Miller, customer service officer at AIA, apologised to Robinson “for the discomfort which you experienced,” adding, “It was not our intention to do so as your ultimate comfort and passenger experience are our priority.”

Miller said an investigation will be launched immediately into Robinson’s claim of the removal of the wedding band, Nike shoes two pairs of jeans, a

dress, EC$200, one pink Guess purse, nine panties, a pair of white sandals, a pair of black flats, and four bottles of “St. Vincent & The Grenadines Rum”.

“Please be assured that we will follow up as soon as the investigation is completed,” Miller said.

He pointed noted that the AIA’s Baggage Screening Policy released to the press on April 26, 2017 reminds all passengers that prohibited items when travelling include alcoholic beverages 70% by volume (140 proof).

“Sunset alcohol is 84.5% by volume.  The Press release also explains that Aviation Security is required by law to screen all checked luggage and may also shed additional light as to why your bag may have been one selected for physical search.

“Once again, please accept our sincere apology for your discomfort, and we hope that you would not let this deter you from visiting your father here in SVG,” Miller said.

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15 replies on “AIA probes report of wedding ring, panties, cash stolen from luggage  ”

  1. I see that the Security Check Notice was not signed off by one or more of the Security Officers, and any searching done should have been in the presence of MORE THAN ONE of Security Personnel. Quite unfortunate for an International airport just opened. Trust the matter will be dealt with speedily and the person/s reprimanded and charged.

  2. Avatar Of C. Ben-DavidC. ben-David says:

    We all know that most, yes most, of our people would steal whatever they can whenever they get a chance. This doesn’t mean they would break somebody’s house to do so but that they would never pass up the opportunity to pick up a lost item on the roadside, claim it as their own, and bless God for their good fortune.

  3. I tried using SVG postal services to ship
    Items to svg, and let me tell you , it was the first and the Last. The box was opened and items stolen from it. I will never use SVG postal services again !

  4. Very strange that someone will put a wedding ring in luggage. Something is not right with this.

  5. I had a recent encounter with a security officer at AIA. I had a camm knife in my bag. It was taken from me and was advised that it was not suitable to be in a carry on. I had no problems with his statement or assertion. I aked the Agent if I could give it to a relative who dropped me at the air he said one taken it cannot be returned . He said he will destroy it but I am thinking otherwise. I am sure after i.left he would have pocketed it. I accept the young lady assertion ad valid and factual

  6. Avatar Of C Syl BurkeC Syl Burke says:

    Sorry about the lost of your items. I work at JFK Airport and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has the right to enter your luggage and remove any item that is on it’s prohibited items list. Over proof alcohol, common household spray starch and even toothpaste over a certain amount is prohibited. Removal of these items are for your own safety and the safety of the travelling public. Terrorist can utilize unsuspected items to destroy lives and property, so this is just one of many levels of security that is employed to safeguard the public. If your luggage does not have a lock that can be opened by the security officers, it will be removed with a bolt cutter. Once removed, your bag will be susceptible to pilferage. AIA was not the only point where your bag was handled, so we cannot say that it actually happened at Argyle International Airport. Once your luggage leaves your sight, it can be tampered with anywhere along your route. It can happen in a bag room, while loading or unloading on an aircraft or while waiting to clear your bags in customs. We now have an International Airport and this will be part of everyday security check. I hope you recover your valuable items. “Do not” place any valuable items in your checked luggage.

  7. Only problem i have with this is the fact they search your luggage without you being present and just leave a note inside and anything can go missing or be placed inside your stuff and you won’t know until it’s to late.

  8. I understand why someone would have shoes and clothing in their luggage, because that’s what luggage is for. I do not understand why a wedding band, which the alleged victim described as being so precious to her, was placed in checked luggage and not on her finger! I would no more put my wedding band in my checked luggage than I would my child! That ring goes on my finger and stays there! If it happens to be SO grand as to cause concern of it being a target for robbery, then either leave it at home in a safe or safe deposit box, and wear a cheap simple wedding ring that won’t draw attention to itself, OR keep it in your purse, or your pocket in a ring box, or in carry-on luggage so that it stays with you continuously. That’s just common sense, which this “law student” apparently doesn’t have much of. They will surely require proof of possession before satisfying that claim, since it could run into thousands of dollars, such as purchase receipts, wedding photograph showing the ring matching her description, or something proving she actually owned what she claims was taken, etc.
    As for the liquor, I can’t believe that she was not made aware of the difference between what she claims to have had (84.5 proof) and what is legal (70 proof) to carry. And four bottles? Really? Claiming a loss of “over legal proof” liquor and then expecting its return is like calling the cops and claiming someone stole your weed! Again, a law student who apparently still has much to learn.
    Considering the amount of items claimed missing, it sounds like she came back to find a completely empty suitcase!

  9. Mourine, I thought the same thing. A wedding ring belongs on her finger, unless she took it off to cheat on her husban while on vacay. something is not right with this story. Lady stop putting down your country over nonsencse.

  10. Is this lady a first time traveler? Why would one put a “precious” wedding ring and cash in carry on luggage? As for the expectation that the aviation authority would seek her out to ask permission to open her bag and have her supervise the search – unbelievable. Once luggage is checked, there is implicit permission to search and remove/confiscate prohibited items. The luggage passed through 3 airports, why single out AIA? Just because there was no note other than from AIA does not mean that the bags were not searched elsewhere. I am glad that they are investigating. If the allegations are true, it would be a black eye on the AIA and its employees. If proved not true, an apology should be forthcoming. I hope this is not an attempt to cast aspersions on the employees of AIA.

  11. Is so true them search my bag take my mango n rum when i reach canada i notice my lock gone n a green slip says check at aia even declare stuff at Trinidad thinking that i have rum and mango this is crazy why they dont call the people them n search it infront them

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