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Ralph Gonsalves

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves. (iWN file photo)

Will there be tightened security for Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves after the leaked voice notes in which men said to be police officers suggest that they storm his office in a bid to have their needs addressed?

Well, Commissioner of Police Renald Hadaway is declining to comment on this.

“I would not comment on that issue. Security of the prime minister is a very serious issue and I would not comment on it,” he told iWitness News on Thursday.

The police chief, however, said that they have launched an internal investigation into the recording, but have not ruled out the possibility of criminal charges against the officers allegedly involved.

The suggestion about storming the Prime Minister’s Office was made in a WhatsApp group involving members of the executive of the Police Welfare Association.

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They made the comment as they discussed ways of getting the police high command to respond to their requests.

Hadaway told iWitness News that the comments on the leaked voice notes “are very distasteful, unprofessional, unacceptable…

“One of the things that we have to understand is that, as police officers, we have a particular role to play and we cannot be speaking loosely like the ordinary man on the street. There is a certain degree of obligation that is required of us and we have to perform at the highest level irrespective of the situation that is confronting us,” he told iWitness News.

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10 replies on “PM’s security to be strengthened after threats to ‘storm’ his office?”

  1. Obviously by “storm” they meant to go talk to him in a large group. As has been said, if someone wants to harm the PM so much they could easily do so. Fact is that as much as he is strongly disliked by over half the people, no one is interested in doing serious bodily injury to him. He just wants everyone to see heavy protection around him to make him look even more important.

    1. Storm meaning what, uninvited / unannounced, smh… Anyways, did I just see disliked by over half the people, how did one come to such a conclusion? Lol

      1. When a leader has to cheat on the vote and still barely wins, it is easy to come to the conclusion that over half the population dislikes him.

    2. Of all people, the police are in the best position to do the PM harm. What will happen now that the PM, is for some reason scared to death of his own people, his own police! Are we going to have security to guard the security to guard other security?Maybe instead the PM should enact policy unites the country, not divide it; policy that makes life better for the people of SVG and not just better for those in the government or upper ULP officials. Then he will have no basis to be frightened.

      1. No Borg but its a great excuse to have Cuban special forces lurking about evrywhere he goes.

        Thats what Maduro does because his own people would lynch him, he doesn’t trust his own police or military except the generals who are improperly paid millions every year. So he is protected by Cubans, thats not a guese on my part, its a fact.

  2. These policemen probably voted for him and he boast’s his office door is always open to everyone. Remember he told us that all Vincentians love him and he invented the saying ‘Labour Love’, which is mostly translated today into ‘Labour Hatred and Spite’. What on earth is wrong with the man that is being transmitted to the top police lapdogs.

    put this in your sear engines

    poodle brain Peter Binose

  3. There is always going to be a boot licker or a lapdog in your midst. Hence it is very important for circumspection and care with words. People tend to take things very literally even though who ever were part of the group may not even meant to harm the PM by making used of such word. I trust who ever breached the confidence of the group will get promoted. The group has to be careful of such mole in their midst and only one way to weed them out, set a trap and you bound to know who take what ever is said away. I do not believe any of the guys have any wishes of harming the PM, however, such is the mystery of SVG and the police force.

  4. Kenton, you asked the question, will the “PM’s security…be strengthened after threats to storms his office”? Threats? What threats? This is false reporting! I am sure you meant threat. Then you said, “Will there be tightened security…after the leaked voice notes said to be police officers suggest that they storm his office…” and “They made the comment…” (They?) This again is false. This article qualifies as “Fake News” Kenton, so was your article of July 19, (you keep on implying “they”) which have already traveled across the waters to Jamaica and unto the “Jamaica-observer
    ” who finally made a total mess of reporting the incident.
    Accordingly, “ONE” individual (Brenton Smith), made the remark, the comment, suggesting to others “…that we must storm the prime minister’s office, all executive members…” etc. None of the other offices present, made any such remark or comment to that effect. Come on man get it right. Go back and listen to the recording. Fake news Kenton, fake news!

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