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A man who survived after drifting at sea for 11 days in 2010 was shot in the face in Lowman’s Bay Friday night.

Mark Dennie, 54, was rushed to hospital after the shooting sometime after 11 p.m., while on his way to his house in Buddy Gutter.

He survived his injuries, but iWitness News could not ascertain his exact condition at the time of publishing this article Saturday morning.

One of Dennie’s neighbours rushed him to hospital after the shooting.

A resident of the area told iWitness News that the area where the shooting took place is very dark at that time of the night, with very little activity.

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iWitness News understands that gun shots were discharged in the area again around 2 a.m. Saturday, sometime after police who responded to the call left the scene.

In May 2010, Dennie, along with Amron Thomas-Simonette, 22, and Walter “Colonel” Lynch, 41, the crew of his fishing boat, drifted for 11 days after their fishing boat ran out of fuel while returning to Kingstown on Fisherman’s Day — May 24.

They were rescued after making land in the Puerto Rico.

Dennie said he drank his urine, ate corned fish and had made several failed attempts to reach land in their bid to survive.

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