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Lawyer Ronald "Ronnie" Marks. (iWN file photo)
Lawyer Ronald “Ronnie” Marks. (iWN file photo)
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A lawyer for one of the three teenagers charged with Monday’s killing of Simonia Da Silva of Fairhall has told the court that he is concerned about the manner in which the media have reported on the crime.

On Wednesday, Twanecia Ollivierre, 19, unemployed of Chapmans; Alana Hudson, 19, a secretary of New Montrose; and Taylor Mofford, 18, unemployed of Belmont appeared at the Serious Offences Court in Kingstown, where they were arraigned on a charge of murder in connection to Da Silva’s death.

Lawyer Ronny Marks, who is representing Hudson, told the court that the way the matter is being reported on in the media could jeopardise both the defence and prosecution in the case.

“Journalists have to be careful. Their conduct may very well result in the possibility of there not being a fair trial,” Marks said, but did not elaborate.

Murder accused trio2
The three accused murderers.

“OK. It has been noted,” responded Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias, who presided.

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Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delplesche, who represented the Crown at the hearing, did not comment.

Da Silva died after being stabbed repeatedly in her yard between midnight and 1 a.m. Monday.

The accused murderers have been remanded in custody until Dec. 7, 2017 for the commencement of a preliminary inquiry in which as many as 26 witnesses are likely to testify.

Israel Bruce is representing Ollivierre and Mofford.

5 replies on “Lawyer concerned about media reportage on stabbing death of woman”

  1. On the question of media coverage, Ronnie does have a point Kenton, don’t you think? I made a comment [eleswhere] to that effect which never got published. Nevertheless, reading between the lines based on your coverage, Hudson seems to be the rough rider here. Seems to take the spotlight front back and center…wonder why? I just hope this wasn’t a case of “sic him…” or more so “sic her…” you know, like we do when we want dogs to attack someone. Oh! And what about the young man…, who acted like the instigator, haven’t heard anything about his arrest, how come? They all need to be hauled before the court…and why such a long delay before trial… isn’t all the evidence the court needs already at hand? We need speedy trials in cases like these, and hard sentencing to send a strong message to other “outlaws”…”If you do the crime expect to do the time”.

    1. The reason why Alan name rang out the most because people who knew/know her was shocked because she was a quiet and shy person, didn’t get herself in anything.

  2. What about the other persons involved in this crime they need to be arrested and brought before the court.I find the justice system in this country is full of shit .

  3. Everyman is a king says:

    Bad company get you in bad situation. What about the boy who was all on the victims ?find that thug ASAP and change him with murder. These criminals need to be deal with.

  4. Madison and Everyman are right. Is our Justice System only going after the three girls? Other names may get mentioned during the trial, Let’s hope other “perps” go to jail as well. They should not be allowed to go unpunished. Maybe our poor leadership should also be made to answer. Why is all of this happening in our country? Think about the environment our youth are growing up in that causes them to become this way. What are our values? Many of our politicians set an example of deceit, cunning, cheating, and any other negative traits…but they call it “love” and that makes it alright.

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