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Attorney General Jaundy Martin at his swearing in in September 2017. (iWN photo)
Attorney General Jaundy Martin at his swearing in in September 2017. (iWN photo)
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Newly sworn-in Attorney General, Jaundy Martin, has outlined one way in which he would be different from his predecessor, Judith Jones-Morgan, who has retired from the post, after 16 years.

During her tenure, Jones-Morgan maintained a policy of not speaking to the media on any matters relating to her office, directing all inquiries to the Minister of Legal Affairs, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.

Her position obtained although she is the accounting officer in the Minister of Legal Affairs.

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Shortly after Martin took his oaths in Kingstown on Monday, iWitness News asked him if he would adopt a similar stance.

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“I suppose her choice not to speak to the media was a matter of her own choice. With respect to the media, considering the importance of the Office of the Attorney General, I may have a different approach — I think I will have a different approach to my predecessor.

“When it comes to matters of national importance and matters which require the attorney general to say something, I certainly will have to say something. And I will, of course, make myself available to the media, if needs be.”

Martin told iWitness News that the best way to contact him would be via his office, adding, “I think that is the appropriate forum by which to contact me.

“But I have a cellphone if it comes to that. Everybody knows my cellphone. All my clients do. When it comes to me to make a comment or anything, I will make my contact details available,” he told iWitness News.