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Conroy Edwards
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A man who was on Wednesday granted EC$15,000 bail on a charge of possession of 25 cartridges of 12 gauge ammunition was on Thursday charged with theft.

Conroy Edwards of Sandy Bay was brought before the Serious Offences Court charged that between April 4, 2016 and Dec. 12, 2016, he stole from Kesroy Baptiste, of Sandy Bay, the following items:

  • One black and red 4 channel, 1,600-watt Boss amplifier, valued EC$1200;
  • One black Clarion equalizer valued EC$300;
  • One grey Clarion crossover valued EC$450;
  • Two master audio jack cords valued EC$240;
  • Two Rockford Fosgate audio jack cords valued EC$450;
  • One grey Clarion cross-over valued EC$240;
  • Two red Monster audio jack cords valued EC$100;
  • One bass kit valued EC$150;
  • Two 8 gauge amplifier installation kits valued $150;
  • Two eight gauge amplifier installation kit with high performance RCA interconnector and speaker valued $150;
  • Two black Pioneer tweeters valued EC$150; and
  • Two black Pioneer tweeters valued EC$450.

Edwards pleaded not guilty to the charge and was granted EC$4,000 bail with one surety.

The matter was adjourned and transferred to the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court for hearing on Sept. 25, 2017.

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