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A 2017 iWN photo of the North Windward village of Owia.
A 2017 iWN photo of the North Windward village of Owia.
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An Owia man who reportedly jumped into the rough seas in the North Windward community on Saturday in the hope of gaining a dollar has been missing at sea since and is feared dead.

Denzil Lorraine
Denzil Lorraine. (Photo: Facebook)

iWitness News understands that Denzil Lorraine, 49, aka “Hail” who has a history of drug addiction, went into the water near the Fisheries Complex in the community just before 6 p.m. after a man he had asked for $1 told him to so in exchange for the coin.

However, after Lorraine went into the water, he encountered difficulties as he was battered by the rough waves.

He was unable to make it back to shore, swimming against the rough sea, churned by the Atlantic Ocean.

iWitness News understands that because of Lorriane’s drug addiction, he would often do odd things in exchange for money, often to the amusement of the giver.

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Efforts by residents of the community to save him from the rough seas proved futile, and the man has not been seen since and is presumed dead.

4 replies on “Man who jumped into sea for $1 reward feared dead”

  1. Althian lewis says:

    The person who told him to jump for the dollar should be jail.because he should have a heart an say if he have a family member in that stage he won’t like nobody to do it to his family.i think he should b jail

  2. It’s no secret in vincyland that we have a sick sense of humor. It’s no secret that we have over the years develop our own version of the “hunger games” for our source of amusement.

    Whether it be the mentally impaired or the physically handicapped, the drug addicts; these folks are treated like animals in a circus, to “perform” for our entertainment. The legendary “jump up” was known for jumping on request for a couple of coins; the talented ” Blakey” will sing for a dollar and will do anything ask of him. The females(-no names out of respect)would be raped and beaten. And the list goes on of these unfournate folks being taken advantage of.

    Now, a man has apparently loss his life because someone wanted to be entertained for a dollar.

    Are we not merciful.

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